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Modular soft synths

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I just got into modular synthesis in practice, till now it was just theory.. Im looking for some recomendations of modular software synthesizers..

I have Tassman ESI edition for about a year and I just recently started to explore it.. And after going through tutorial my had still pulses.. I was afraid of Tassman for long time but now Im ready for it.. Is there any better modular synth than AAS Tassman.. All that I checked on KVR are much worse, only one that intrigued me is Zebra and Ill try it.. Does anyone have some good instruments for Tassman? Or does anyone know some good link where I can find shemes for synthesizers like Nord or Virus and try to recreate that with Tassman? Also shemes of vintage analog synths are welcome.. I searched all the topics but I only found Zebra, Karma FX and Tassman mentioned..

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I checked a list on kvr long ago and tassman is first on the list..

Now I have zebra also and I have arturia for year or more but I never used it cause it has bad GUI but now when I get good at tassman I think Ill install back arturia and create some good moog..

If u wanna see how looks good modular check this baby out



Yeah I have some new instruments for tassman, just gonna check them out.. I really started to like tassman.. Love at first sight

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I tried that Zebra and its outstanding.. I also have tons of extra presets, theres no limit really.. Also I mistakened Arturia Storm for Moog modular.. I didnt have it, but I have it now and its stunning.. I must mention AudioSpectra additive + resynthesis synth.. Awesome, thats good introduction in resynthesis process before I get Neuron VS.. Also there is Glass Viper with has real church organs and flutes, it cant get more real than that and vst is quite trippy to use, u actually se the wave and the principle is wave synthesis.. And as a backup to my additive synthesis aresenal I found Morphine which is good to have..

Recently Im getting more and more into additive or addictive synthesis as I call it, into modular synths and into resynthesis methods.. I learned subtractive and frequency modulated methods and now looking for more trilling experiance, although I wont put subtractive and fm synths out of my setup.. I know it all in theory but just recently Im starting to practice it and u know, practice makes perfect.. I think u need to know all methods of synthesis to be a good sound producer and to create that fullness of the sound, to widen use of the frequency spectar..


Just wanted to mention here to throw out my frustrations that I lost my bassline that I worked on for hours while upgradeing z3ta preset library.. What a loss, I didnt remember all the settings so the sound is gone now and track was just about done.. And bass was as good as it gets, far better than most of popular psy trance tracks.. It was just what I wanted.. Now I learned a important lesson.. Always save your patches and samples.. I did that with samples but didnt have in mind preset upgrade which ruined it all..

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Yeah I checked it but didnt try it.. And I doubt I will, I just dont have a feeling.. Didt u try it? How is it compared to others named above? Im looking for something that looks and sounds better than tassman.. When u master modulars u conquerd it all, dont u think?

I have been using it for years.

It is the standard by which I judge all other softsynths.

It is easy to use, has quick right-click midi learn for all moduals and sounds great.

Additionally [thankfully] it has presets for classic synths like the SH-101, moogs, etc.

I have to admit I usually just use the presets since it is daunting to start from scratch with a modular setup and there is no limit to what you can do eighter.

I don't have the latest version. They made it nicer looking and added a few moduals but still the same.

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So maybe you have some good setups that I would be interested in..

Yeah, midi implemenatition iz great.. I underestimated that zebra..

Also, I realized that zebra has lots of pressets that begins with tass.. That are probably setups taken from Tassman, dont u think? I dont know if it comes as factory presets or I added them with expansion pack.. There are tons of presets, tons.. Awesome..

If anyone is interested in additive and harmonic synthezis I would seriously recommend that spectra, it has great potential that Im soon going to put in use..


Does anyone knows where to get Moog Moduar manual?

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