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Phobium - Live In Gothenburg 06-10-2007

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Phobium - Live in Gothenburg, Sweden October 6th 2007

Free Live Set - Download




01. Phobium - Wasting Noise

02. Phobium - Perpetual Motion

03. Phobium - King Of Infinite Space

04. Phobium - To The Pancake House

05. Phobium - Changeless Changed

06. Phobium - Spatial Ryskipyski

07. Phobium - I Know Where To Go Now

08. Phobium - Taliban Fitta

09. Phobium - Chronol Energy

10. Phobium - Don't Cry

11. Phobium - Risk

12. Phobium - Retro Square

13. Phobium - Pureblood

14. Phobium - Different Ways

15. Norwindia - Raggsokk

16. Phobium - Mushy Pushy

17. Phobium - Tonight is Forever



Seventeen tracks in 85 minutes. All tracks are written and produced by me, except track 15, Norwindia - Raggsokk, which is done by me and Silent Horror. It was recorded on the same laptop that I was using to play, so this is what it sounded like before it hit the mixer, I've just added a slight EQ and some compression on the recording.

The live set is available in both mp3 (v0 vbr) and flac (-8) format. I also included m3u, nfo and cue files. As you'll see when you load the cue file, two tracks contain two tunes, track 8 and track 14. When you listen to it I think you'll understand why.


Clicky for download

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Thanks! :) Just downloading it.

BTW, the link for the FLAC version is b0rken, it links to something-(FLAC).mp3 instead of something-(FLAC).flac

But it's easy to figure out :)

You are indeed right ... it's fixed now, thanks :)
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Most of the time i get a small brain tumor when i think about Dark Psy but after Mike A convinced me to download this one i gave it a try. And it actually has some really strong Goaistic moments. I definitely enjoyed and would like to see the Phobmastar live sometime.

Boom Akhbar Henning. Good work here.

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Thank you so much for the kind words people, especially you Pavel. I know that "dark" (I don't like the term dark myself, anyways....) gives your face the black plague, but it's nice to see that you enjoyed some of the more Goa inspired tunes in this set.



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