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This is too difficult, please help me.


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There are so many labels, acts, releases. I listened to many of them (psyshop samples). To be honest, most of it was crap IMO.

I found a few releases i really like:




Fatali - ReConstruct





Bitmonx vs Dj Fabio - Plugged


Day.Din - Speakers Corner


Tshitraka Project Vol.4



Not all the tracks on these releases are good, but every release has at least 4 great tracks on it.

Could you please recommend some releases with a similar style/quality ?


Thanks in advance. :D

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OK, judging by the examples of what you like I'm nearly certain you won't like 'em, but I guess it's worth giving a try:


Jaia - Fiction (the only progressive CD I like)

Deviant Species - In The Hands Of The Randomiser (one of very few dark/tech psy that I like)

Voice of Cod - We Are Free (british psychedelic trance)

OOOD - Free Range (see above)

VA - God Save The Machine (see above)

Prometheus, Younger Brother, Ott, Hallucinogen In Dub (see above + psychedelic chill / downtempo)

Cosmosis - Psychedelica Melodica (goa trance meets full-on, many don't like it, I loved it)

all WildThings Records releases (EVP, VA Wild Rumpus, VA Alpha Rhythms), Error Corrective, Reality Grid)

nearly all Suntrip releases (2 x Filteria, Khetzal, VA Apsara, VA Twist Dreams)

Ultmiae stuff (more regular chill / ambient, with hints of psychedelic)


That should keep you busy for couple of days.


And remember - buy what you liked!



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So i listened to the releases you mentioned. After all there's one release i like, so thanks!

Here's what i think about the releases/labels in particular:


Jaia: Too "beautiful" and nice for me.


Deviant Species: Too much machine sound.


Voice of Cod/OOOD/God Save The Machine: quite average IMO.


Cosmosis: At least 4 great tracks, thanks for the suggestion.


WildThings Records: Not bad, but nothing special.


Suntrip Records: Tries to copy the oldschool sound. Doesn't work very well. Too "sterile".



Anyway, thanks for your recommendations, antic. :) Somebody else, maybe also some

progressive recommendations (see my first post above) ?


Thanks in advance. :D

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Nah, don't like it at all, but thanks for trying to help me. :)

Maybe someone pops in and knows the releases i mentioned in my

first post. That's the style i like (speaking about the new stuff). Anybody ?

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I listened few of the samples you gave. They sounded total crap. :)


So perhaps it isn't the best thing to recommend you anything but...


AMD - big fish


Matenda - Natural Development


Roman Rai - Tokyo


Vibrasphere - Exploring the Tributaries


perhaps a little older album... Ololiuqui - Valves

(check out saikosounds sample of "pantograph". I think it's a smashing tune!)


P's :rolleyes:

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Guest The Journey Man Project

going on your first post...


I'd say you should check out the Goa series on Yellow Sunshine Explosion, and also probably the Goa Sound System series.



Psycraft, Lish and also Protoculture are some artists...


you might also like Nano, Turbo Trance, Mind Controllers, ComPact, Blue Tunes and USTA records... it is more the full on style of progressive.

You don't seem to like the tradtional style of proggi from Tribal Vision, Digital Stucture or Iboga... so no need to look at them :)




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Hi :)


it seems like you like this Hamburg Style Progressive a lot. Ther are quite a lot artist which produce this Kind of music...


try some of those:


Neelix - No way to leave

Neelix - Same thing but different

Haldolium - Vanity and Happiness

El Zisco - Behind the Mirage

Feuerhake - Re:Start

Auricular - Time


besides that, i can recommend you the following great Progressive/minimal releases:


Shadow FX - direct influence

Ticon - Zero Six After

Sensient - Antifluoro

Tegma - Around the World in 80 Minutes

Insane Creation - Connected

Frogacult - Something for Sundays

Etnoscope - Drums from the Dawn of Time


That should keep you busy for a day or 2 :)


Hope you like some of those :)

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Thanks for all your advice folks, this helped me a lot. I listened to samples on psyshop and i found some releases/artists that sound good.

I like Feuerhake, Lish, Neelix and i found another Plusquam compilation: Kodama. There's some great stuff on it.


Thanks again. :D

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