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Sound Field - Ascension EP (D Oxygen Records)

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D Oxygen Records presents its 1st Digital Release Sound Field - Ascension EP.


Sound Field's digital EP is a first release of a brand new digital division of Oxygen Records. EP contains 2 previously unreleased works from sophisticated electronic music artist Andy Yakovlev alias Sound Field / ProSect / Sonify.


After Andy's highly valued and apreciated debut album, Sound Field - Audio Surfin', we are glad that Andy is breaking his own standards and taking a further step into realms of his musical visions, and again assuring us that Progressive Trance still can be f**kin' Psychedelic.


For the last years Andy released number tracks on labels such as Tribal Vision, Domo, Iono, Psybooty and others.


For collectors we also offer an artwork with all necesary information.





01. Ascension (Feat. Treshold Productions) [130 BPM]

Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev & Torsten Edwinson


02. Tribalogic [140 BPM]

Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev




Posted Image



Tracks will be online soon at all major digital music stores such as iTunes, Beatport and many others.







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