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WLiZzarD's Goa Memories Part1


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This is the first part of my Goa Memories djset series and I'd like to share it with all of you psynews-ers!

Let us dance to the infinity.





01. Planet B.E.N. - Ant Invasion [POLYTOX RECORDS]

02. Juno Reactor - Feel The Universe [bLUE ROOM RELEASED]

03. Man With No Name - Lunar Cycle [DRAGONFLY RECORDS]

04. Kox Box - Electronic Brainwash [bLUE ROOM RELEASED]

05. Chakra & Edi Mis - X-Files (Monkey Mix) [KREMBO RECORDS]

06. Asia 2001 - Rakshas [AVATAR RECORDS]

07. S.U.N. Project - Dance Of The Witches [sPIRIT ZONE RECORDINGS]

08. Xenomorph - Abominations [KOYOTE RECORDS]


Total Running Time: 00:57:58


Mp3 Info: 128 CBRKbps.

Filesize: 53 MB.

All tracks normalized @ 95db.

Recorded with Behringer Dj Computer Console using B-DJ software in WLiZzarD's Solid Area.

This is a promotional dj set! Commercial use is prohibited!

All rights reserved by the owners, artists, labels.

You guys make me love this style of music!

Psynews Community you rock.



Listen it exclusively here: http://psytunes.info/index.php?action=hotselect&artist=w

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I'm sorry that you feel bad about nobody commenting on your mixes. I feel your frustration, I'm also eagerly waiting for someone to comment on mine. You got to understand, though, it takes at least an hour to listen to a whole mix and there are a lot of mixes on this site. I discovered this section not very long ago so I'm just starting to listen to some mixes here (and posting my own). However , I do not always have the time to listen to a 70+ min. mix, so I shut down the computer halfway and don't think (or don't care) about posting. I think it's the same with a lot a lot of people on this forum.

So the only solution (I think) is to be very patient until someone is interested enough to take the time and listen to the whole mix and give his/her opinion about it.

I don't know if I'm patient enough myself, though, to not start bumping my thread every day. :P

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I've listened two times in a row now, if it makes you feel better ;)


I'm not such a huge fan of Planet B.E.N. .. have never been, and this track wont change it. This very deep track is an ok introduction though. When the melody comes in, it gets better. Stuff flows very smoothly into track 2 then. I like Juno Reactor much more, this one is a real classic. The transition to track 3 is okay, considering how hard it is to mix most Juno Reactor tracks (I've tried it myself :P). So now MWNN with one of my fave tracks by him, great stuff! We had our euphoric high, things get more twisted now with KoxBox. Smoothly we get back up again with "X-Files". Never heard this track, but sounds great! And it flows excellently into next track, another WOW :) ... I was liking the mix, but this is really the WHOW moment of it! next transition is a little odd. I love guitars in Goa as long as theyre well done. I know some have a problem with guitars, but me not. Nice idea to twist the mix into darker areas with an early Xenomorph track.


Thanks for sharing. I honestly dont have any goa memories, I'm quite fresh into this music, but I was feeling the mix. Recommended ;)

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