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Secret Side - The Dark Side


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hello all, my free web album is out ! Under a creative commons license, it's free to download, free to listen and free to share !


10 tracks (not DARK but it's my own style lol)


you can download it here :











have fun

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My bittorrent download just completed, so nevermind.


This is great stuff overall. Nice production quality, good synths and groovy basslines.


100 years old - solid sound. Works as a morning/twilight track. But I think its not catchy enough. The "wow" moment is missing you know?

Aqua - Could be a real stomper. I like the kinda dark tone and the rolling bassline. Nice melody fragments. Very good track.

Au dela.. - Great intro. The album is getting more and more twisted, south african sound is what this track can be called I think. Some elements need a little more balance in the mix, otherwise good.

Fractals - I dont know but I think this could be taking the dancefloor by storm. Nice!

Le Grand - The bassline is really rolling here. Overall a nice sound, sounds very professional.

Plasma - A bit more laid back here. Nothing to complain about, very solid track that would fit excellent as set opener.

Pod Racer - Wow, a huge change. This has by far the most interesting melodies. Reminds me of Shift and Artifakt, take that as a huge compliment. Some melodies are a little over the top in terms of levels but that can be fixed. You can go far with this.

Secret Goblins - Haha, nice idea to play with a Hallucinogen tune. Entertaining.

Tsunami - Again driven by a great bassline, this one is some nice melodic tune with enough energy to get the crowd moving. Thumbs up.

Zarbyland - A little more misterious towards the end. As you said, your style is not dark but a little obscure from time to time.


Overall, a very good sounding fullon/twilight trance album. Thank you for sharing it for free! :D

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