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~~~ what do you think about my new track ? ~~~


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hello ! i'm back with my last tune :



Secret Side - Pod Racer



i'd like to have your opinion about it :)


thank's !




I present my french forum too ! i organize artist contest, you can vote for your favorite tracks, if you want participate for the next session (next month) send me track or link for listen !

French Psytrance forum

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Hi man!


As I enjoyed some of your previous tracks, i'm checking this one too!


starts very good, excelent production (very good bass and synth)

you are good in this psychedelic fullon area :)

good psy fx twist and excelent reentry (specially the synth, fat!)

cleans up with good percussion sounds and grooves

mid twist at 3:36, ansiety, good!

comes back goa-ish, which i like too, excelent melodies

the final keeps the feeling, a bit repetitive but maybe not a bad thing :)


great work, let me know if you make new creations ;)



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no other comments ??? :(


be patient my friend :)

nice start, bassline reminds me of double r.e.l.

agressive synthlines!

noisy full on, not cheesy pussy shit :D

would be good for a party i think


only thing you should do is reduce the high freq, it hurts my ears a bit :(

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I would say its a rich track, with action and suiting effect sounds, by now the first minute and the the 1-2 minutes just before the end appear tasty.. :) So far only couplea times listened, eventually moreto come.

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