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PsiloPsyBen - "Totured Soul"


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This is a partial recreation of my Earthdance set, with some other ones thrown in there. I got inspired while playing the set and this is the result.


PsiloPsyBen - "Totured Soul"


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Download at gnometones


1. Electypnose "Murmure Des Ombres" ['Lost In The Forests' - unreleased]

2. Vegetal "Molitov Polotics" ['Digital Shaman' - Psyber Tribe]

3. Damage "Go Get Stupid" ['Psycho Acoustics' - Reckless Rythmc]

4. Blisargon Demogorgon "Wake Up David" ['Comming' - Brainforest]

5. Mubali "Delayed Agression" ['Coming' - Brainforest]

6. Kalilaskov AS "Crying Girl" ['Redrum' - Hypnotica]

7. Psychoz "Into The Darkness" ['Triplagitus' - Triplag]

8. Baphomet Engine "Mandatory Suicide" ['Freemason Conspiracy' - Illuminati]

9. Silent Horror "Evil Soul" (Final Edit) ['Shotgun Wedding' - Under The Ground Pharmaceutics]

10. Abnormal Project "Crazyness" ['Rules of Ohm' - Vertigo]

11. Tempus Fugit "Alien Nightmare" ['Alien Nightmare' - unreleased]

12. Kiriyama "Feuerschutz" ['Durdom' - Devils Mind]

13. Audiopathic "Eye Of The Beast" ['Ah Puch - Lord of the ninth Demension' - Shaman Films Media]

14. Kindzadza "Night Flower" ['Absolute Adult Horror vol. 1' - Western Forest Alliance Record]



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