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Masa - Why?

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Masa - Why? (Hypnodisk Records)


01. Walkin' Space

02. Virus Alert-Turn On

03. Bug Eyed Monster

04. Zero-Point Fluctuation

05. Belt Muzik Machine

06. LSD-Mechanoid

07. DNA Sequence Virus

08. Mind Express

09. Things To Come

10. Heaven And Hell

11. Speedkiller

12. Right Hand Left Hand

13. Everything For Nothing

14. Miraculi 1+3/8

15. We Are All Children Of The Universe

16. Echo Of The Big Bang

17. Give Me Green, Give You A Seed


DJ Masa is one of the famous trance-creators in Japan. He is also known as a member of the psychedelic trance band, Kinocosmo. Together with Ree.K, they have released on their own label Hypnodisk the new EP "RE:SET" (Re:Set which includes 2 dance tracks and 1 dub track.This EP represents Masa`s World where he has created his own trance style of industrial and hard psychedelic sound. Nowadays people listen to trance music from Europe, Israel and Scandinavia,but it is time to take notice of the new Japanese trance movement. Awaken our minds!


MASA is mainly known as a psychedelic trance Dj but is also a highly professional sound creator involved in various movie tracks and sound generator programming for Roland and other music companies.@He is one of the few people who introduced GOA trance in the early 90s to Japan. With an in-depth knowledge of synthesizer programming that began with his first noise band he originally concentrated his efforts on making new and original sounds more than Dj-ing. Soon after discovering the facinating sound of trance he created T.T.T (Tokyo Techno Tribe) with DJ Kuni who was the first psychedelic GOA trance Dj in Japan. Together they played live at early Equinox parties (origninators of Japan trance parties) but have since gone off on their own individual journeys. Now they both enjoy great notoriety as the original driving force behind the massive Japan dance scene. Early in his career he played with famous Dj Hamase as X-Tron and has since collaborated worldwide with famous artists like Xavier, Ray Castle, Mike Maguire, and Tsuyoshis band Joujouka. Recently Masa is recognized as a Dj more than a live sound creator. His music is very intense and original which drives the crowd into a truly higher state of enjoyable consciousness. He has been organizing his own Space Gathering parties since 1997. These parties combining both musical and visual sensations are very impressive and attract a family like gathering of friends and fans who truly enjoy the beautiful sound and visual sensations of positive energy. Being highly professional yet friendly and personable Masa is down to earth and enjoys a unique happy life with his wife and musical partner Ree-k. Creating together in their new band Kinocosmo they bring to the stage a fusion of rock and electronica never seen before. The future for Masa beholds and endless array of new sounds and experiences that is sure to enlighten.







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