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Today I've relaunched the new & uprgaded version of ProSectorium.com - the online network of my artistry. Feel free to visit and bounce around!




Shortcuts to the web


If you still wonder who's ProSect, why he hides sometimes under the Sonify name, what moves the Sound Field on, what's the idea behind ICO, what he uses and whom he collaborated with - try to look around in the Projects section.


For spam and useless junk you should go to the Journal, while you there you can see ProSect's dazed face by clicking the 'Photo' link. Current 'TOP10' is also there, the purpose is too see what his mind up to and not for checking new "unreleased killarghs" of course. While still being there, check the 'Press' and maybe you'll find the answer why there is not much releases from his projects or what's the

best place to buy cheap mushrooms. 'Lyrics' has the lyrics for you to sing with your favourite ND's songs!


Releases section contains info about released and forthcoming material.


Don't forget your glowsticks and "Boom Shiva" t-shirts cause we're going to the Parties section to find where we gonna rave next! If we missed, or wanna see some ravers gallery we well check at 'History'.


Oh, that one will attract you straight away - Downloads. Ok, so the deal is that you'll find samples from the tracks, then you'll have to go and buy it if you like, which is hard to believe, but we are optimistic. Aha! You see 'Full' tag on the right side, you got it! Turn off your eMule and free the bandwidth for fast download of some nice material. If you're one of the fanclub, you'll be happy to find wallpapers in 'Digital Art'. If you're a producer yourself and need some fresh killer sounds. you must pass by the 'PSM Audio' and get some for free!


Attention to all girls, you can find contact information under the Contact tab, please send your photos (preferably naked) and dont forget to turn on your webcams. Other inquiries, like questions, licencing and booking should be send by the links provided inside.


Links is simple to use, go there, find what you're up to. Now click with left mouse button, turn Skazi music off, be sure you hear the "click" (if not, be sure to save your ears next time), now you see new window opened. It's ok, looks like the link worked, you can close it, better stay at ProSectorium.com a bit more! Thanks! :)

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News 29.05.06




Sound Field: Powered by reFX


Posted Image


The well known software developer reFX is now officially supports Sound Field project and armed us with some of their software synthesizers for better Audio Surfin'. To remind you - Audio Surfin' is our debut album which is planned for a release by the summer on Oxygen Records. Be unique.




Free Music:


Posted Image

ProSect - For Twisted Only [2004]

Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev

07:38 / 145 BPM

Copyright: ProSectorium Media

Artwork by DivineError (USA)



Posted Image

ICO - Lost In Rotation [2005]

Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev & Peter Mullins

08:07 / 125 BPM

Copyright: ProSectorium Media

Artwork by Coxi (Austria)





Free Audio Samples:


Still avaliable Drumatic - Psy Drum Kit




Fresh Releases:


VA - Back From Beyond (Iono Music 2006)

Posted Image

01. Pythagoraz - Your Mom Was Wrong

02. Frogacult - All Seasons (FREq's Third Remix)

03. El Zisco - Concert

04. Nyquist - Octagon

05. Saeg - Human Fire

06. Sound Field - Inside The Pattern (ProSect Remix)

07. FREq - Space Needle

08. Klopfgeister - The Hills Have Eyes

09. Nox Lupi - Slipped In My Sleep


VA - Occurance (Oxygen Records 2006)

Posted Image

01. Setherian Vs. Highpersonic Whomen - Floripa Sunshine

02. Sound Field - One Step Above The Sun

03. Echotek - Endless Run

04. Triptych Vs. Sim 1 - Silver Trip

05. Setherian - What Was Lost And Forgotten

06. Chromosome Vs. Rumble Pack - Hypochondricals

07. Spectra - Insane

08. Visua - Sayonara

09. Native Radio - Downtschaggi




On The Way:


ProSect - Mentally Confused (Fluorotronik \ Tranceform Records)

ProSect - Oriental Groove Alliance (TBA \ Iono Music)

ProSect - Dr. Ivan & The Mad Peyote (Mainspring Motion \ PAR2 Productions)

ProSect - Tribalogic (Amygdala Remix) (Mainspring Motion \ PAR2 Productions)


Sonify - Groove Seductive (Lime Light 2 \ Tribal Vision)

Sonify - The Disco Craze (Tribal Disco \ Genki Music)


Sound Field - Audio Surfin' (Album \ Oxygen Records)




Next Events:


Samadhi Festival (Canada, 01-04.09.06)


Main Stage:


Jaia (Digital Structures, France) Live

Loopus In Fabula (Fabula, Italy) Live

ProSect (Oxygen, Israel) Live

Itaytaiko (Ear Peaks, Israel) Live+DJ

Sonify (Tribal Vision, Israel) Live

Tao & Fm Radio Gods (Attitude, Canada) Live

Azriel (Avigmati/Kagdila, Canada) Live

and many more...




Kukan Dub Lagan (Candyflip, Israel) Live+DJ

Androcell (Celestial Dragon, USA) Live

Shen (GSC/Native State, Canada) Live

Astral Wave (Kagdila/Peak/Sunline, Canada) Live

and many more...


More info could be found here: Ganesha.ca

Flyer: Front / Back

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Andy's a mover & a shaker!


We can't wait for his first Canadian (Montreal) event!! Posted Image

He is one of the most dedicated artist in the scene, to himself and the fans!


Way to go Andy!!! :D

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News 31.06.07




Sound Field Album Is Almoust Ready!


Posted Image


Sound Field debut album is on the final levels of arranging and developing. We will patiently wait for the confirmation from the label side and update you with the final tracklist and short samples. Also expect some diverse remixes to some of the album tracks from different artists around the globe. Keep on frequency!





Free Audio Samples:


Tiny electro percussion pack:


Posted Image

ProSectorium Audio: Beef

13 Files + Example, .wav (44.1/16)

Copyright: ProSectorium Media



Free bank for reFX Vanguard by Andy (Sound Field):


Posted Image

ProSectorium Audio: Revival

27 Presets, .fxp for using with reFX Vanguard

Copyright: ProSectorium Media





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