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V/A - Trance Generations

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Guest Trancers303   
Guest Trancers303

V/A - Trance Generations


Artist: Various

Title: Trance Generations

Label: Planet Music

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 07'59" Freeman : Bull's Eye

02. 08'03" Atomic Lens : The Flair

03. 07'52" Todra Feat DJ Shay

04. 07'09" Luminus : T.M.O

05. 08'20" Cybel : Inspector Gadget

06. 07'54" Todra : Alien Landing

07. 08'45" Todra : Spiritual Ceremony

08. 09'14" Oforia Feat DJ Cosmix : The Vision




Well I found this cd in Greece. Its compiled by DJ Michael(Todra,

Atomic Lens and Sonichaos)...First track is a killer from the wellknown

Freeman, great bassline a awesome samples. Atomic Lens sounds a little

strange...they are trying to copying Pleiadians or something, but the don´t

manage that well, still its a ok track...Track 3 sucks, the melodies goes

wrong way, the sounds are not the best...Luminus track is cool. The typical

Luminus sound, but this time much harder = ).

Track 5 is called Inspector Gadget(Joke?)But its cool...in the beggining its

pretty silly but suddenly its becomming a killer..nice one!Track 6 is

ok...Track 7 starts with a very nice melody, it kicks as. The only thing i

don´t like that much is the bassline, but when you hear everything together,

the melody, the drums and so on its sounds great...the last track from

Oforia i don´t like it that much but overall a very nice cd for people that

likes melodic psy trance that is not ptzatzot or what ever you call it...


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Trance2MoveU    408

"You all are a bunch of f*cking idiots!!"




Nice manners babe!


A mixture of goa and nitzhonot that flirts with silliness and raw power. Indeed I get the sense they were trying to strike a balance between the two subgenres. There are some piercing, white hot 303's on a track like TMO from Luminus and Bull's Eye really hits the mark.


Man my writing is slipping.


I was expecting Inspector Gadget to be a hot mess, I mean...how could you not? But all I kept thinking at the 5'24" minute mark was..."F*ck, three more minutes of this crap?"


I liked Alien Landing with it's intensity even though it had that rising and falling synth line. And that's what these tracks do. There are parts in all or most that are engaging and exhibit that raw power, but they also contain a bit of the 'ol eye roll. They also seem to love the rolling kick. A lot. Add to the fact that they kinda all sound the same...and you get a CD that is hardly an essential part of a collector's library.


If you wanna throw a copy my way because of my good looks and your kind nature who am I to criticize? I'm just not going to be actively searching this one out.

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