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Guest slinker

V/A - The Influence

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Guest slinker   
Guest slinker

V/A - The Influence


Artist: Various

Title: The Influence

Label: 3rd Mind

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. Solaris : Can White

02. Morphem : Montage

03. The Infinity Project : Incandenscence

04. Nervasystem : Liquid Lifeform

05. Space Tribe : Ultrasonic Heartbeat

06. Satori : Normal Existence

07. Process : Internal Horizon

08. Sandman : G-Force

09. Acid Lab : Happily Damaged




Having stumbled across this compilation waltzing through the streets of camden

i must say i was pleasantly surprised. Starts out with Solaris (havent heard

of em before) a nice jamaican sounding melody that reveals a nice kick drum

that flows into a really trancy soundscape..the track then picks up the pace

and acid lines as it drifts into track 2 Morphem (another name im not aware

of) a nice kick drum start and solid bassline with build ups and classic

soundingbackdrops!..a melody then comes in and some distorted robot

voices...great classic sounding goa!...after this comes Infinity Project (i

think everyone is aware of them!) what can i say a delirious devious little

track with some very spaces sounds and melodies...exceptionally good!! next up

is Nerva System with a totally haunting screechy track that would really

benefit being played loud to abuse the senses...sounds like a siren immersed

in a squelchy landscape of acid and melodic bubbles (lay off the acid!) a very

good track!..then Space Tribe takes over, a very noisy and pumping digital

effect laden track..lots of separate melodies and fuzzy noises/ samples...not

bad at all after that brain work out is Satori which starts out with chimes

and a hard kick / bassline then the spiralling noises come into play with

lashings of force (ouch my brain) a very chaotic high energy track!

Process then takes us to a dreamy soundscape that builds and builds into one

helluva wicked track melodious and expertly crafted....Sandman then comes into

play, one solid driving bassline and hard kick start off the proceedings (i

always liked his style) a totally weird stretchy noise comes in...which makes

me shiver with exitement and then some nice siren and computer sounding

rifts..that bassline never lets you go..in comes the distorted guitar

samples..wow! awesome and by the end of the track this gothic sounding melody

takes you outta this world F*cking killer track one of his best ever..(my

favorite on the whole album) one of those tracks that could quite easily bring

a tear to your eye coz its soo good!!....Acid Lab have to do a good job to top

this on the last track...Lovely old 303 sounds and samples drift into a

fantastic breakbeat (im a sucker for breaks) which is a good track to finish

with and those noises at the end...wahhhhh!

All in all a really worthy purchase if you can find it..the Sandman track alone

is worth the whole album!.....9.8/10 one of my favorite melodic compilations!

Slinker =^,^=

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Guest G_Soul   
Guest G_Soul

One of the best cd's i've ever heard...

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Trance2MoveU    408

Allow me to be the fly in your chardonnay. While I found the Solaris, Morphem, and Satori tracks to be good, I'm not tumbling over myself to throw out the hyperbole. My favorite here is Liquid Lifeform and Ultrasonic Heartbeat. Two tracks full of psychedelic bubbling and driving rhythms. The last bit of the compilation goes heavily into what I like to call experimental goa.



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