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Cosmosis - Synergy

Guest Mindbender

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Guest Mindbender

Cosmosis - Synergy


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Artist: Cosmosis

Title: Synergy

Label: Transient

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 08'51" The Ultimate Sin

02. 07'43" Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster

03. 09'34" Spores From Space? (A Microscopic Trace)

04. 09'31" Moonshine

05. 10'06" Higher Access

06. 09'25" Turn On, Tune In ...

07. 09'06" Down At The Crossroad

08. 09'23" The Big Bang Boogie




A very good album. This album is melodic full-on psy-trance. The melodies are

fast, many and good, lying often on top of each other, varying in waves,

coming and going. Sounds have a background role, but are used in that role

well. This music is quite bright, despite the rough acid sounds used in the


The first four tracks are good, but quite similar, described already quite

well with what is above. Higher Access is different from the start. An awesome

song! It starts high with twisted melodies and only gets higher and more

uplifting without losing the psychedelicy. Turn On, Tune In... is even more

psychedelic and also harder and darker. It uses more sounds and less melodies

than the rest of the tracks. Down At The Crossroad is then a change towards

more funny stuff, using a blues riff. It sounds really original and works

surprisingly well. I always giggle when I hear this track. The Big Bang Boogie

is more towards the style in the beginning of the album and is also good. It

also has some latino-influences, which are pretty good.

Condensed, the album has five good tracks and three awesome ones (5, 6 and

7). However, the tracks that are "only" good sound quite a bit like each

other, swamping each other slightly. 8.5/10.

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Guest Infected Max

Killer Cd... Big band boogie is so cool with the Salsa feeling...


The really good idea of this CD was to put the meaning of each tracks

inside...i loved it

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It looks like I'm the only one but I don't like this Cd very much... The Cd

isn't uplifting enough!!! Ok, there are two VERY good tracks on it (3&7) but

except those songs it isn't very good, not my style!!! I like Laughing Buddha

(from Jeremy Van Kampen => also member of Comsosis) lot's more and if I have

to choose a Cosmosis track it would be Alien Disco (Goa-Head 2) but it isn't

on this CD :o((((

So a very good cd...

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Guest PsychedelicGav

This is for me a rock n roll album almost. Very strange - pure psychedelic

trance but the manner in which it?s done owes more to the Rolling Stones than

anything else. Some truly wonderful and stomping tracks - this album demands

your attention and makes you dance. More varied than the debut ?Cosmology? -

this is a must-have psychedelic trance album. Again, a typically British sound

to it, but this works so well when it?s done good - and Cosmosis do it better

than most. Classic classic sound - BUY THIS. Respect to the artwork too -


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Guest psytrancer

This possibly the most psychedelic music yet, Cosmosis has a way with

silence.......Very, very, very short, regular bursts of it in the melody wich

split your head wide open. 8.5/10 is about right, but if your in the mood you

could easily give it 10. Can't wait for the new one out on 21st feb - go to

Transients web site to pre order.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've listened again to this CD a few times and I have to change my opinion...

This CD is very good stuff!! In my first opinion I said this CD was not

uplifting enough, well, that's a very big mistake!! It's very uplifting and

Psychedelic!! I guess I wasn't ready for it when I bought more than a year

ago, but now I am!! :o)))

Bom Shankar

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Guest maghtsam[at]hotmail[dot]com

is that this album is realy great and powerful is one of my

favorite album.I'm from Mexico and I saw Bilbo in Mexico in Wirituka Thuk.

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Guest Psylent Buddhi

This is a masterpiece, nothing less! Funky, cool, uplifting and psychedelic

music at its best!

No words can do it justice! PLUR - Psylent Buddhi

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Guest Ktaadn

Not long ago, a world stood up and took notice of Goa-trance. "Hmmm, maybe

there is more to this music than some crusty outcasts on LSD. That was a

brilliant chord progression. Did I hear a Latin percussion riff? Hey, I coulda

sworn that was a guitar. This music is complex, catchy, ever-evolving,

penetrating, spiritual, soulful, inspiring...this IS trance." So many artists

are owed a great deal of credit for 'validating' psy-trance as a true artform

(not that WE needed validation, eh?). While nothing can be taken away from the

brilliant musicians and songs of psy-trance's roots, a step was taken. A step

forward. Cosmosis was among those trailblazers, and "Synergy" was the marching


"Synergy" took the acid and pumping bass sounds that already existed, and

molded them into a whole new species. With salsa tinged percussion, those

deep, funky basslines and all the trippy melodies you'd expect from Billy,

"Synergy" takes us down a new path. Consider this album a turning point for


"Moonshine" is the one that especially takes me there. Upon reading the

inspiration behind this song (New Year's Eve on a moonlit beach), it's no

surprise. Rarely can emotion be conveyed so deeply, but it's all there for the

listener's delight.

"Synergy" is an essential. Get it and understand the past, whilst embracing the

future of psychedelic trance. Simply stunning...

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Quite different from Cosmology, more complicated, but somehow it doesn't work

as much. 4 first tracks are good, but a little too similar. Higher Access is my

favourite : this track keeps getting better and better till the end. Track 6 is

my second favourite, more psychedelic than the other. Two last tracks are

original (7, sounds like rock), but I don't like them very much. 6.8/10

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Guest SpaceCowboy2002[at]hotmail[dot]c

If you want bum-shaking psychedelic trance replete with variations, this is it.

Ear candy at its best, smooth as silk, and oh so effervescent. Uplifting and

energizing, it has the capacity to get the party going as well as keep minds

entertained and busy journeying through grooves and soundscapes. Each track

stands out in its own way, and the positive vibes remain intact throughout. A

must have. Passes ?the finest goatrance music in the world test? with flying

colors, flying colors akin to the cover art. Wow. 9 Out of 10.

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Guest Ehsanur

What a trip,what a pleasure! Cosmosis is so fucking awesome,their music is

funkadelic and psychedelic!!

All those grooves,all those tweaks,all those samples,all

that bass and all this pure joyfull-on-ness. Man,this got to be psykedelica at

its best ------10/10 (:P)

"Turn on,tune in,trance out and drop out!!!!!!!"


Bom Shankar!


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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest AlexG

not much to say after all the other reviews, except that this is truly a piece

of trance history! my favorites are 1, 2, 3, 5 (especially), and 7 (this one's


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  • 3 weeks later...

GOOD Album ! But not as good as Cosmology ... I don?t think there?s any Bad

Tracks (maybe except Track 1) and have 2 favourites : Tracks 4&5 ! As good as

Intergalactic, in a different style (more complicated And psychedelic) !

Rating : 7/10

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Guest Snow Dog

Well, it should come as no surprise that I love this album.

For me, psytrance peaked in 1997/98, and has yet to progress

further (with but a few awesome

exceptions, like Shpongle!). But

sadly, I lost this one quite a

while ago. Does anyone know where

I can find another?

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Antic

Oh my God! This one was so much expected and it's even better then I thought!

Pure psychedelic music, lots of acid noises, voices and strange sounds. Trippy

melodies combined with irresistibly groove and drums. This really sounds like

rock'n'roll album but in a good way. For me it's clearly the best psy-trance

album of the world. My rating 11/10!

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  • 1 month later...
Guest clark_303

One of the best albums around. Lots of uplifting melodies but still not

cheesy(as most melodic songs usually are). Very original beats and the

basslines are always really funky. Creative sound-effects and very cool vocal

samples too. The keyword here is acid-lines because almost everything uses

acid-sounds and lots of cut-off tweaking and other filtering but it's still a

diverse album with original ideas. There are always a lot of layers and the

overall impression after a couple of listens is definitely "trippy". Great

artwork too. Simply a must. -Clark

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  • 3 months later...
Guest _megatron

very good album, but the two "joke" tracks 'Down At The Crossroads' and 'Big

Band Boogie' don't really do it for me anymore (the surprise is gone, so is

the fun of listening to them). BUT the first 6 tracks are excellent! Psy-wise,

you cannot top the acid complexity of 'Spores From Space', 'Moon Shine' and

'Higher Access', which are true masterpieces. rating: 8/10 (by the way seeing

Cosmosis live was a bit disappointing: almost no improvisation! come on!!)

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  • 4 months later...
Guest davidtolsn

pales in comparison to cosmology. i guess it's just that i really don't like

the "funk" sound. i also don't like down at the crossroad or big bang boogie

at all. the good tracks are 1, 3, and 4, and track 5 is a masterpiece - it

makes the cd worth listening to. 7/10

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Diepeveen

Woooow... I found this album for about 10 days ago, and i haven't been able to

get it off my stereo... Sooo psychedelic... so beutiful!!!!! All tracks are

good but especially two tracks stands out for me: 3 and 7... I can't describe

the feeling in my stomack when i hear these tracks... It's... let's just say

that this cd is a masterpiece! - 9/10

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  • 1 month later...
Guest orangemann[at]hotmail[dot]com

Best album from Cosmosis,best album of UK Psytrance.Buy

this,definitely...Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster is the best, for me...but all

album is excellent. Better than Intergalactic or Cosmology.

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

One of the greatest goa album of all time. Psychedelic, twisting, fast and

kicking. Very good atmosphere. No foubt this one is the best from cosmosis, 10

times better than intergalactic and cosmology.

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest Zaraknon

This is one of the most complex in structure and also most psychedelic albums

i've herd so far. It's nothing less than a masterpiece, sparkling with

inspiration. Drum patterns are programmed quite intelligently as well as the

melodies. Furthermore the transitions between the tracks deserve a special

mention as it makes up a real phantastic trip without any boredom. Each track

has its own individual function, so 'The Ultimate Sin' is a very good opener

that sets you right in the mood with wonderful melodies and delicious breaks,

then the rather funky 'Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster' leads into the very fast

and even more uplifting 'Spores From Space?' (best Cosmosis track ever!!!),

continues with 'Moonshine', which doesn't really kick ass IMO but instead

convinces with nice sound structuring. 'Higher Access' is again killer in the

end, the melody is great, but they probabaly ripped it off from Technossomy's

'V.T.O.L.'. Next is 'Turn On, Tune In...', again a very good one. The last two

tracks I don't really dig completely, except that 'Down At The Crossroads's

guitar riffs are quite funky as well as the sample in the beginning. It takes

a few listens to dig the whole complexity of the tracks but then.....WOW!!


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  • 1 month later...

what can i say about this release... i dunno... i don't think words can

describe music like this... you can hear he's been influenced by the beauty of

nature and maybe a bit of spirituality... i've got some words that come close

to Bill's artwork... it's uplifting mind expanding trance music...

wait, i've got something better, something a forumvisitor called 'jonathan'



a beautifull picture painted in colours of emotionly filled audio effects.

a stream of pure magic!!!!!!!!!!


get this, psychedelic rating of 9/10

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