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V/A - Sun Trip Goes Fourth

Guest Defbydelta...

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Hey! This really makes my day! :) I've been waiting sooo long to see this serie

of CDs here! (I've tried to write decent review, but I just can't!!). Well,

for me these two CDs are great just like the rest of the serie! Anyone care to

review 1,2&3? ('cus 5 is pure techno.. )


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Guest Message from Another World

Very good compilations with many different tunes! IMO best tracks from this one

are :

Syb Unity Nettwerk : Space Puppy

ECT : Helpless

UX : Pure Intellect

Powerful tracks for burning the dance stages...

A last thing i have to mention is that the last track of the Cd 1 is not from

Psychaos it must be from Darshan... thats all..

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Guest Defbydelta...

V/A - Sun Trip Goes Fourth


Artist: Various

Title: Sun Trip Goes Fourth

Label: Lyrical Robot

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. A Hoffman : Al Dente (Intro)

02. Darshan : Ephemeral

03. Koxbox : Too Pure (Tip Rmx)

04. Slinky Wizard : Shivari Thing

05. Syb Unity Nettwerk : Space Puppy

06. Sheyba : Ancient Lands

07. ECT : Helpless

08. Technossomy : Synthetic Flesh

09. Zodiac Youth : Devils Circus

10. Psychaos : Dense Dawn


CD 2

01. Alien Radio : Alien Transmission Part 1 (Intro)

02. UX : Pure Intellect

03. Process : Internal Horizon

04. Shamanic Tribes On Acid : Tantilus

05. Nervasystem : Initiation

06. HIEM Elektronik : Synthetic Light

07. Guidance : Destination

08. Process And Tristan : Random Factor

09. Dreamweaver : Ancient Skies

10. Long Island : Can You Feel It

11. GSC Dubbstas : Always Dubb

12. Lfran Salskapsresan 1 : Sun Trip Outro




THIS.. is a fucking piece of art!! I brought this cd long time ago and still

its pumps out loud from my speakers ones in a while.. There are so many

different types of styles in this compilation, and there are so many killer

tracks with many insain sounds. On the first cd we got the Kox Box Track that

is a pure killer. And THE GOLDEN KEY for the hole compil Track # 6: Sheyba

That gives us Ancient Lands, Isn't that song trippy or what!!?? love that so

much, so dark and scary..and track 9! Missin the Devils Cicus.... A bomBB.. On

Cd2 The Bomb is Track Nr 6, a slow little hypnotic chiller with so many easy

flowin sounds, so clean, so nice!! =) love that.. Even the Shamanic track is

ok hehe...

This Compil gets a high score from me!: 8.5/10

man its so old and so GOOD, Check it out

AND!!! The Cover work on this on is the nicest and most flipped out i ever


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Looking through the booklet accompanying this release one cannot help but get the impression that first and foremost these guys went out to have a good time. The booklet, for instance, includes pictures of graffiti saying "Look Mummy, an army of trolls", people sleeping out their hang overs, horses thinking of oaks. And a smiling baby on the back going "I love Sun Trip".


Well, count me in! Cause no matter how obscure this double cd release comes across, these guys knew how to compile quality material. Seriously, there's not one bad track here and loads of classic tracks & acts. The list of artists says it all. And when the guys ends cd2 with an outtake from the Swedish comedy "Sällskapsresan 1" not a dry eye is left in the theater!


It's probably impossible to find, but if you stumble over it - like I did - don't miss it. This is nothing short of a top notch compilation that leaves a smile on your face as well as the feeling you've gotten hold of something really, REALLY underground ;o)

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