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Guest 1400Miles

Tristan - Substance

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Guest 1400Miles   
Guest 1400Miles

Tristan - Substance


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Artist: Tristan

Title: Substance

Label: Twisted

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Let Go

02. Festival Fever

03. Dirt Licker

04. Up Syndrome

05. Contact

06. Brazilica Psychedelica

07. Funk Rock

08. Sapphyre Eyes




Typical modern UK psy (like the latest dragonfly stuff) with a progressive

house flavor from Tristan here. All very well executed but lacks the bite from

his recent (great) singles like Fortean Times and Dark City imo. Substance is

off to an excellent start with the appropriately titled 'Let Go' but then

increasingly things get more club friendly but in some sort of underground

way. Hard to describe really, the typical dark Tristan sound is there but its

supported by funky hi hats and bass. Its all good but acts like Zen

Lemonade(brazil mon amour) and Aphid Moon(disco Biscuit) produce more varied

and more exciting tunes imo. What definately rocks though is the closing

track; great freestyle chillout. Check -Substance- out if you like the new

breed of UK stuff but if you prefer things more the weird, sick and twisted

way, like me, look elsewhere. 7/10.

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Guest Psykret   
Guest Psykret

This is Pure Crap is you ask me, This should not be released on Twisted

Records,Twisted is all about the psychedelic music and you can call this HOUSE

for all i care,I liked Tristan's first release Audiodrome but this is NOTHING

like it...Track nr 2 is "okay" but the rest is crap...


Tristan: Get it together,produce psychedelic music like we know you can!!!

Final verdict 3/10!!!!!

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Guest Rx7style   
Guest Rx7style

I'm not even going to bother writing an in-depth review for this album. I'll

be polite and say that this as not a good release. Seems to be all the rage

to do so these days, and I don't know why people are accepting that as the

norm. I guess I'll have to piece together my own studio soon to at least

attempt to break the mold.

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Guest Psydark Light   
Guest Psydark Light

agree with the other dudes...I would say the same thing exactly !!!!

disappointed ! very boring ! non imagination power in this CD , even the cover

,I expect for something much more trilling FROM Twisted AND FROM tristan!

I won't even rate it.

all the good I can say about this release is nice sound quality ,nothing more.

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sourcepan    0

i've only had this for a few days so i haven't had time to fully absorb it.i

bought it because i listened to samples of the first 2 tracks and liked what i


unfortunately after the first two tracks things start getting a bit

housey/clubby sounding for me :(

a bit dissapointing really, seems like lots of artists these days are taking

the housey option when making there music.

anyway on a more positive note........track one is an amazing morning tune, it

has my favourite type of sound running throughout the track (a heavily delayed

expanding type of sound?!)

overall i'll give it 5.5/10 ,it's not bad, just not what i want to hear from a

psychedelic trance label.

track 1 is a 9/10 though!

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PKS    2

Finally Tristan Cooke is out with his second album on Twisted Records. His

debut album Audiodrome, came also out on Twisted, in 1999. Tristan is without

doubt one of the leading trance djs out there. He plays on festivals and

parties all over the world. He has his own way of serving the crowd a voyage

on the dance floor. But he is not only good at djing. He has also made his own

music for many years. The first track is a kind of morning track. Drifting

progressive sound picture, with floating sounds. Not very varied, but pleasant

at the dance floor for sure. Track two goes faster with more darker and

psychedelic sounds. One of the better tracks on this album in my opinion.

Track 3 goes fast and dark too, but I sort of get a little tired of these

sounds. He is good at making a trancey vibe for the dance floor, but the music

easily get a little boring for home listening. Track 4 starts with an audience

screaming and some vinyl crackling. Then we get some tribal house influenced

rhythms and a little female voice. Is it house or trance? You decide! In track

5 we go back to smooth morning trance vibes again. Stumping trance with a

little melodic sounds above, which makes it pleasant. Nice one in the sunrise

after a night of full on dark music. Again, not varied music, but a nice dj

tool. Track 6 goes full on again, with more cool sounds and heavy rolling

rhythms. Track 7 (Brazilica Psychedelica) is really Brazil influenced. Again

very influenced by tribal house! Tristan is for sure one of those artists who

push borders between music styles a little closer to each other. Track 8 is

full on night time music again. Rolling rhythms pushing all the way through,

and a few dark sounds swirling around. The last track is a chilled down tempo

track, with some pleasant echo effects and groovy sounds. This music is for

sure a really good dj tool, but for the regular home listener, this will

probably get very boring after some listening. All the music released on

Twisted Records is so different from this, so why are they releasing it on

that label? He sort of doesn`t fit in that label. Just take a look at the

Tristan track on the Unusual Suspects compilation released earlier this

year... That track had nothing to do among those other masterpieces on that


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Guest Tomvcarter   
Guest Tomvcarter

Having not heard Tristans previous album, and only hear good things i bought

this straight away, and was dissapointed. Track one is good with a nice cross

between the psy & prog sound but it is pretty dire from there on in. Track 2,

3 & 5 are all full on, but apart from lovely bass lines they dont really work,

2 kind of sounds like a Noma style tune, with the same scratchy noises on top,

but just not as good. The last track is exelent and sounds very like the new

Nightmares on Wax album, nice groovy and chilled. But in my opinion avoid this

release, very dissapointing after such a great tune on Unusal Suspects, No

soul, 4/10

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Guest Stoned2max   
Guest Stoned2max

I havent heard the first album, but from single-releases such as the one in the

amazon compilation, i expected somethin more twisted and psyche,

but i liked the intro to the album, it has that flavor goin on,

and also track 4, which is the best track imo

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DETOX    1

In this album Tristan tried to explore new music grounds without any success if you ask me and thats why we never heard anything like that from him again since the release of this album back in December 2002.


Although the album starts really nicely with two good tracks like Let Go and Fantasy Eyeland the rest of the tracks,apart the last track Sapphire Eyes which is an excellent lounge tune,are below average club music tunes.


The production quality is good but the music is meaningless to say the least.


I hope in the future though that Tristan will experiment a little more with lounge music because Sapphire Eyes is a true gem indeed and would like to hear some more from that.


So my favorite tunes are 9,1 and 3 in this order of preference but this is a below average album as i stated before.


We are in 2006 now and Tristan is back to his psy trance roots so would be really interesting to listen an upcoming album soon,i mean its already 4 years since the Substance release.

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skyclan    0


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