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  1. Title: Idiosynth Trickery Artist: Various Artists Label: Faerie Dragon Records Catalogue: FDREC-13 Barcode: 9366977747043 Format: 6-Panel Digipak Release Date: May 2010 Cover art by Izwoz Mastering by Tim Schuldt at 4CN - Studios (p) and © 2010 Sonic Dragon Records http://www.sonic-dragon.com RELEASE NOTES Idiosynth Trickery is the latest offering from the hearts and minds of Faerie Dragons favourite idiosyncratic sound manglers. The compilation begins with traditional upbeat suomi sounds then eventually winds down and around to some more experimental suomi dancefloor flavours. All tracks on this compilation were carefully selected after being tested on dancefloors around Australia. We hope you enjoy this colourful blast into the now as much as we do! Tracklist 1.Puoskari – Rain with the sun 2.Salakavala – Salmonella 3.Puoskari - Espadrillos 4.Exuus - Bubble Nipple 5.Sienis – Unkuti 6.Squaremeat – Screwdriver 7. Justin Space & Sportmeister - Feuerzeug 8. EvsY vs Haltya - Boozy’s Funky Odeur 9.EvsY – Hehkulandia 10.Outolintu – Get Adjusted
  2. haha no, purely coincidental. there will be a faerie comp coming in the next few months too.
  3. Artist:Puoskari Title:Different Path Label:Faerie Dragon Records Catalogue:FDREC-12 Cover art by Puoskari Mastering by Tim Schuldt at 4CN - Studios Release Date: December 2009 Distribution by: Wirikuta (worldwide ex-Japan) Saiko Sounds (Japan) (p) and © 2009 Sonic Dragon Records http://www.sonic-dragon.com Format:6-Panel Digipak RELEASE NOTES: It’s been 3 years since the release of Puoskari’s previous album ‘Open the Forest’ on 6 Dimension Soundz in which time Puoskari has been lighting up dance floors at underground parties around the world from Finland to Russia, India, Japan and beyond. Different Path contains ten edgy, melodic,warped and powerful previously unreleased tunes set to send listeners into a full brain melting, spine tingling frenzy. Tracklist 1. Puoskari - Bombo 2. Puoskari - I was Born 80 3. Puoskari - Tears dont Cry 4. Puoskari - Life is a Paradox 5. Puoskari - Lo Ding Bong 6. Puoskari - Manali Smiles 7. Puoskari - Up There Somewhere 8. Puoskari - Image-nation 9. Puoskari - The Wave 10. Puoskari - Anjuna spacestation available now @ saikosounds
  4. E vs Y - Virtuosi Di Quosi Faerie Dragon Records – FDREC-11 Title: Virtuosi Di Quosi Distribution by: Wirikuta (worldwide ex-Japan) Saiko Sounds (Japan) (p) and © 2009 Sonic Dragon Records http://www.sonic-dragon.com Cover art by http://www.izwoz.com.au Mastering by Tim Schuldt at 4CN - Studios Artist: EvsY Label: Faerie Dragon Records Catalogue: FDREC-11 Barcode: 9366977746510 Format: 4-Panel Digipak Release Date: April 2009 RELEASE NOTES Faerie Dragon Records is proud to present the 4th album of these two finnish psycho architects, Eraser and Yöjalka. Having started the journey from Helsinki mid nineties goa trance parties now it`s time to... release more psychedelic trance! The album "Virtuosi di Quosi", meaning something a bit like "Lords of the Liverdance" but also not, contains 11 full length tracks written and produced throughout 2007 and 2008. Let the critics speak; E vs Y is the logical successor to the crazy style Saiko-Pod and Quirk used to bust before drifting off to progressive house territory. If you´re out for anything similar, you might come up with Eat Static, or Haltya...and even then, these groups don´t come all that close to the madness. If you`re one of those picky listeners that can´t stand predictable full on, incoherent "dark" music or mainstream progressive, there might be something for you here. In respect to experimental, original, -and dare we say influential-, psychedelic music to dance parties all over the world! Tracklist 01. EvsY Uus Avaruus 02. EvsY A Finn Hits The Fan 03. EvsY Valumatta Kiiltomato 04. EvsY Paper View 05. EvsY Tietäjä 06. EvsY Public Tranceport 07. EvsY Frank Bongenstein 08. EvsY Matkija Mutkalla 09. EvsY Om Om, Hmm... 10. EvsY The Possibilizer 11. EvsY Lentokapteenin Leija
  5. Title: Personal Trainer Artist: James Reipas Label: Faerie Dragon Records Catalogue: FDREC-09 Barcode: 9366977746336 Format: 6-Panel Digipak Release Date: May 08 Distribution by: Psyshop (worldwide ex-Japan) Saiko Sounds (Japan) (p) and © 2008 Sonic Dragon Records http://www.sonic-dragon.com http://www.jamesreipas.net Cover art by Kayab (James Reipas) Mastering by Tim Schuldt at 4CN - Studios RELEASE NOTES Faerie Dragon are happy to present the third album from quirky Suomi psychedelic band James Reipas. Many people will know James Reipas from their previous albums on Demon Tea Recordings and Freakdance Records. Personal Trainer is a snapshot of the current James Reipas sound which is constantly evolving and diversifying through the bands many live gigs throughout Finland and beyond. Ranging from synth folk music to synth rock and everything in between but always with a danceable edge, Personal Trainer provides a great album experience for DJ’s and home listeners alike. Tracklist 01. Trouble in Reipasland 02. Fiddle Warrior 03. You know 106 04. Mariatorget 05. Aktion 06. K-Ride 07. Plan&Calculate 08. Käpälämäki 09. Eurosport 10. Punkkari 11. Torvi 12. Universal Trainer Faerie Dragon is a sublabel of Sonic Dragon Records. available here... http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7238 and here http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/fdr/fdr1cd009.html
  6. Title: Future Sound Theory 2 Artist: Various Artists Label: Celestial Dragon Records Catalogue: CDREC-11 Barcode: 9366977746145 Format: 4-Panel Digipak Release Date: April 2008 (p) and © 2008 Sonic Dragon Records http://www.sonic-dragon.com Mastering by EOX Distribution by Saiko Sounds (Japan) Arabesque (non Japan) RELEASE NOTES This second chapter, also compiled by MattB, presents 10 of the most interesting producers in the electronic scene today. MattB once again decided not to follow an easy trend, instead opting to deliver a diverse yet incredibly cohesive showcase of what is the state of electronic music in 2008. This sequel begins with emerging London-based producer Rico Casazza, well known in the minimal techno scene. He starts off the compilation with a dark and deep track, full of bright, stone melodies mixed with lazy ambiences and industrial noises. German producer Vakuum Sounds follows that up with the minimal, dubby, hypnotic track Khaskhas-Schlafmohn. LA producer Nalepa is next with his patented brand of ambient glitch dub. For the few who still don't know NSE (Original Dub Soundsystem since 1996), here is a perfect example of what to expect from his typical productions: a fusion of Jamaican-style engineering with futuristic, psychoactive dubstep elements. RND (aka RaNDom) reworked one of their new album tracks and turned it into a glitch-dub anthem. Jambassa continues the journey, exploring some serious Digital Dub. He's followed by Disrupt, pioneer of Digital Laptop Reggae (DLR) from the seminal label Jahatari. Vibesquad's track is next, a soulful bass wobbler with some wicked melodies, dirty and beautiful as life itself. French producer Melodium successfully combines elements of pop electronica and folk songs into his own unique blend of folktronica. The compilation closes with Greek Opium by Papa Legba (aka Pete Pan, Celestial Dragon's other label dj), a track loaded with aural soundscapes supercharged by psy noises and distant melodies. 01. Rico Casazza Early Reflections 02. Vakuum Sounds Khaskhas-Schlafmohn 03. Nalepa Floating in a Hot Air Baloon 04. Nagua Sound Experiment Milkshake 05. RaNDom Swandub Lake (Opaque Mix) 06. Jambassa Underground Railroad 07. Disrupt Power Ends where Resistence Starts 08. Vibesquad Soil 09. Melodium Vilnius 2 10. Papa Legba Greek Opium also track 10. 'Papa Legba - Greek Opium' has a video clip
  7. Title: Ask The Dust Artist: RND Label: Celestial Dragon Records Catalogue: CDREC-09 Barcode: 9366977745995 Format: 4-Panel Digipak Release Date: April 2008 (p) and © 2008 Sonic Dragon Records http://www.sonic-dragon.com Mastering by EOX Distribution by Saiko Sounds (Japan) Arabesque (non Japan) RELEASE NOTES RND ( aka RaNDom ) is Mattb's electro-dub project. Begun in winter 2003 in Tokyo, he released the critically acclaimed demo 'Cuts One' in spring 2004; a mix of electronica and dub cuts and later on ‘Point Two’, an explosion of urban electronica and dubby grooves. Since then RND's tracks have regularly been played by chill-out luminaries such as Nova (Ultimae Records) and Gaudi (Interchill Records). Mary Anne Hobbs of UK’s Radio 1 has recently added tracks from As the Dust to her playlist. Roger Linley (London Philharmonic Orchestra) joined the crew during the 2005 European tour. His melody and basslines added a more organic, thick texture, which became a signature of today's RND sound. The new album, "Ask The Dust", takes its title from a John Fante novel of the same name. It is an extraordinary mix of Dub,Breaks and Electro glitch, featuring BrotherCulture on vocals and Shinsuke Inoue on tablas. RND avoids genres in favor of an eclectic brew of flavors, but remains firmly rooted in old-school dub foundations. From the catchy "Tell em," to the powerful bass driven "Negotiations"; from the strong melodica lines in "Jahrdens," to the minimal stepper "Illuminations," and onwards to the NU-Ska-Breaks of "Simulationsim," Ask The Dust's 11 tracks create a ambitiously wide-ranging sonic experience. 01. Intro 02. Flok 03. Morose Dub 04. Tell ‘em (Protection is con) 05. China-Off White Dub 06. Fuurk 07. Jahrdens 08. Swanlake Dub 09. Negotiations 10. Simulationism 11. Illuminations
  8. Exuus – Hentai [Faerie Dragon Records] Title: Hentai Artist: Exuus Label: Faerie Dragon Records Catalogue: FDREC-08 Barcode: 9366977746237 Format: 4-Panel Digipak Release Date: April 08 Distribution by: Psyshop (worldwide ex-Japan) Saiko Sounds (Japan) (p) and © 2008 Sonic Dragon Records http://www.sonic-dragon.com Cover art by www.izwoz.com.au Mastering by Tim Schuldt at 4CN - Studios RELEASE NOTES Exuus is 24 year old Ilja from Israel, his sound is warped full power truly psychedelic trance. Exuus released his debut album ’No Controlling’ in 2006 on Japanese label 6 Dimension Soundz. Two years on, after much refining of his sound, Faerie Dragon are proud to bring you the second Exuus album ‘Hentai’ which is destined to blow up dirt floors around the globe. Tracklist 01. Exuus - Abracadabra 02. Exuus - Four Legs Good 03. Exuus - TiPsy Vs Drinky Winky 04. Exuus - Cerberus 05. Exuus - Ugly Mugly 06. Exuus - Electrostatic Field Simulation 07. Exuus - Hentai 08. Exuus - Acid Rain 09. Exuus - Darth Raver 10. Exuus - Amplified Rock As A Weapon 11. Exuus - 3 D to buy or check samples http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7125 Faerie Dragon is a sublabel of Sonic Dragon Records.
  9. Outolintu – Odd Man Out Catalogue: FDREC-06 Format: Digipak Release Date: May 2007 Distribution by: Arabesque (non-Japan) Saiko Sounds (Japan) (p) + © 2007 Faerie Dragon Records Mastered by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN - Studios Artwork by http://www.izwoz.com.au/ Release Notes Faerie Dragon Records brings you the debut album from Outolintu. Outolintu has been producing for many years with releases on labels such as Surreal Audio, Exogenic Records and Thirteen Productions under different alias' but is most well known for his work as one half of Haltya and also as a founding member of Highpersonic Whomen. Odd Man Out is a funked up freestyle psychedelic journey that has something for everyone, ranging from downbeat lounge to epic guitar driven tracks to crazy haltya style breaks and much more. the tracks have been selected and arranged to give a cohesive listening experience that flows from beginning to end in true album fashion. http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/faerie_dragon.htm http://www.halfwayhut.com/
  10. Title: No Tone Unstirred Artist: Various Artists Label: Faerie Dragon Records Catalogue: FDREC-07 Format: 6-Panel Digipak Release Date: June 2007 Distribution by: Arabesque (worldwide ex-Japan) Saiko Sounds (Japan) (p) and © 2007 Sonic Dragon Records http://www.sonic-dragon.com Cover art by www.izwoz.com.au Mastering by Tim Schuldt at 4CN - Studios RELEASE NOTES Faerie Dragon has finally opened the psychedelic vault to bring you the release of their second compilation ‘No Tone Unstirred’. The tracks have been selected to take you from the brink of dawn and beyond with the intent of sending you sideways and putting a smile on your face. Compiled by Sourcepan, No Tone Unstirred features 11 tracks from these fine purveyors of unadulterated left of centre twisted goodness..... Tracklist 01. Outolintu - Shizzlin da virable 02. Spiders Silk - Delisyd 03. Sienis - Momentary Insanity 04. Salakavala - Natto License 05. Puoskari - Far from Home 06. Squaremeat - Golden Accordion 07. Puoskari - Intelligent Msungu 08. LPC - Hideaway 09. EvsY - Just Looking for the Best Pieces of this Puzzle 10. EvsY feat. Haltya - A Morning Story 11. Tamlin - the Misty Gardens of Swiidendo samples here Faerie Dragon is a sublabel of Sonic Dragon Records.
  11. Artist:Puoskari Release Title:The Audio Hustler Label:Faerie Dragon Catalogue No.:FDREC-04 Puoskari's first album 'Audio Hustler' was released on Finnish label Freakdance Records as a local Finnish release in 2004 with very limited distribution elsewhere in the world. Audio Hustler recieved high acclaim from fans of funky psychedelic trance and was sold out within a year of being released, leaving many who have only just discovered the joys of Finnish forest trance out in the cold. but not any longer, Faerie Dragon will be doing another limited release of this classic album with worldwide distribution to help spread the freak dance vibe a little further........... Faerie Dragon is a sub-label of Sonic Dragon. http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/faerie_dragon.htm available now http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6400
  12. now available to buy http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5967 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/fdr/fdr1cd003.html
  13. Salakavala – Fractal Fishing Catalogue: FDREC-03 Format: Digipak Release Date: Sep 2006 (p) + © 2006 Faerie Dragon Records (Sonic Dragon Sublabel) Mastering By Simon Polinski 1. LE Trick 2. Rubber Bum 3. Fractal Fishing 4. Punis 5. Formula 6000 6. Italosport 7. Undercover Attack (Remix) 8. Supersoaker 9. Mould Evolution 10. Juhannes samples here: http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/fd/Frac...ing_release.htm or here: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5967 Release Notes: Now onto our third release Faerie Dragon this time presents you with the much anticipated debut album of Salakavala from Helsinki, Finland. most fans of Soumi sound will recognise Salakavala from their web releases on their free mp3 website Antiscarp.tk. This album contains many of Salakavala's finest tunes that have remained until now unreleased, the cream of the crop from years spent in their studio. Salakavala were formed in the year 2000 and consists of...... ….Tommy Lauhiala who whether working on his own or with Toni and/or Ville releases under the name Salakavala. Tommy also works with Ville and Francoise Faggot in L.P.C. ….Toni Sorsa who releases his solo tracks under the name Igor Swamp. ….and Ville Ruoho who's solo project is Calamar Audio but who also conspires in Antiscarp Warriors, LPC and F-Virus. The music itself is free flowing truly psychedelic trance with fantastic Suomi flavour.
  14. ^^^ thanks! our comp, squeech! will be released on june 26th if all goes to plan!
  15. you so wont be dissapointed! i think it's a mixture of the best of both their albums and then some!
  16. 4 minute samples here http://www.sonic-dragon.com/ or here http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5722 enjoy
  17. okay, longer 4 minute samples are now available from sonic dragon website for this release or alternatively they can be found here......... http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5750
  18. hey thanks for posting! just thought i'd better say that track 4 should read 5meo geo! sorry Boris! my mistake also more info on upcoming Faerie Dragon releases can be found here Sonic Dragon release date for this is set for early June!
  19. sourcepan

    Ambiant Otaku

    best ambient cd ever imo, has guided me home many times over the years, i highly recommend it if you can find it
  20. looks like an interesting bunch of tunes (or tune makers), can't wait for a listen
  21. just thought i'd add a few more words now that it's had time to soak in a bit more.....after my initial dissapointment began to fade and i accepted this album for what it is (nice scando sounding morning progressive with moments of cheesyness) i actually found myself able to enjoy some of the tracks on here quite a lot. there's no doubt some of this stuff played late morning at an outdoor party would set the dancefloor alight. my favourite tracks (the least cheesey ones!)are 1,3&6. still a bit dissapointing, but only because i think this could of been something really amazing (super twisted!)
  22. great album, i just wonder what happened to the fantastic phat sound quality of mama matrix most mysterious.13 amp fusion seems quite flat in comparison? i'd like to hear this remastered!
  23. sourcepan

    Tristan - Substance

    i've only had this for a few days so i haven't had time to fully absorb it.i bought it because i listened to samples of the first 2 tracks and liked what i heard. unfortunately after the first two tracks things start getting a bit housey/clubby sounding for me a bit dissapointing really, seems like lots of artists these days are taking the housey option when making there music. anyway on a more positive note........track one is an amazing morning tune, it has my favourite type of sound running throughout the track (a heavily delayed expanding type of sound?!) overall i'll give it 5.5/10 ,it's not bad, just not what i want to hear from a psychedelic trance label. track 1 is a 9/10 though!
  24. yeah i'm a bit dissapointed also, nice sound, would of liked it to be trippier though..... was hoping for some raw finnish power with this one. yet another clubby sounding release from the 'psychedelic community'? :-/
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