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V/A - Psychedelic Sparks

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Guest baltazar_dr[at]hotmail[dot]com

To chicha: Asura is full-on? I think it's more like euro-trance, sounds

something premature like on the old Ravermeister collections... Just as I

said: I miss the stuff like Pleiadians - I.F.O or MFG - New kind of world,

they are pure full-on and full of energy makes me chill to the bone, more of

that please!

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Guest rickski[at]bombingsociety[dot]de

the best track is IMO 'The cujorious one - go griner' ... but this compilation

is very melodic orientated, so go griner didn't fit on it ... i like it very

dark and scary, the speech samples are the best i've heard for a long time!

... MOOORE!!!

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Guest no name

There are not sparks of trance future. This stuff is melodic and crystal - ca

1996. What the f**k is it??!! Where are new ideas? At least more psy, less

simple melodies and emotions. I don't see it. I don't understand a purpose of

this contest. Find to Old Boys?

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Guest -Shroom-

Really nice tracks in here. i hope to see more stuff from the producers, also

from the producers who didnt won and still made a very good tracks.

Congradulations to the winners.

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Guest Ehsanur

Well, I will try to be balanced. This concept is very refreshing and opens a

door for home-musicians to get something out to the people. Having said that,

the quality of the music is so so. I sence a lot of talent (obviously) but too

many artists are trying to sound like the big acts. What I have found out is

that although you may copy a sound to a certain extent, it will never be as

good,fresh and "clever" as the original sound. After a while of musicmaking,

you will find yourself making a spesific sound or moving towards one spesific

style. This goes out to not only the 17 winners but all the contestant. Some

of the winner-songs are cheezy,got that fluffy synth-layers witch could be

described as bad goa or euro-trance. And others are overdoing the crazyness or

"wickedness" just to make a shallow impression. Others have really good

parts,put a lot of time behind it, and some are really talented (but some have

obviously been doing it for many years I guess). Overall I wouldn't give this

cd more than 6/10 for its musical content. But for the effort,consept,and

intiative,I will give THUMBS UP!



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Guest Elysium Project

I think some of you guys and girls have lost it.....this is not a debate forum.


Do a honest review of the tracks or go to the debate forum and speak out your


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Guest tim_palle[at]hotmail[dot]com

I agree with Shroom, it's to original, in a kinda cheezy way. People are

commercial these days. And like you said "What I have found out is that

although you may copy a sound to a certain extent, it will never be as

good,fresh and "clever" as the original sound". Where is the creativity, the

new ideas, the future?! There's only one rule here: Find your own inner spirit

and get in touch with it, don't mess with others who allready found it... It's

a hard thing to do, i know. I'm trying day after day, year after year.

Eventually i will find it. And i think i'm allready on the right track,


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Guest vax[at]beep[dot]ru

Hi guys!!!

I listen to all 17 tracks of psy contest.

Not bad! But we can do it better!!!

Amygdala is the best after SynSUN -)))


Let see who is the best at 2002 year!!!

Here - at the www.psynews.org!

And thanks to all our fans around the world for voting for us.

Hehe.. And sorry for my terrible english.



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Guest Andreas of Amygdala

About the originality of the contest, I can of course only speak for myself - I

don't consider myself commercial in the least way, and I create what I like,

not what I hope (and think) that someone else would like. BUT inspiration must

come from somewhere, and unless you build your own synths, or do a terrible

amount of LSD (bad joke...) you can't help to borrow a little now and then.

Not sounds and samples mind you, but ideas and general atmosphere of the

music... The voice samples in my Amygdala, "Synaptic Misfire" is my own voice,

but the message "The sound you're hearing are clearly the result of a Synaptic

Misfire" was somewhat inspired by - believe it or not - an episode of "Will

and Grace" Will said something about Grace's "little synaptic misfires", and

that made me think :)

My point in all my rambling, is that it's okay to borrow, everybody does,

consciously or not - the generel impression of the music is the important

issue, not so much how you get there. Borrowing a kick drum or a quote from a

film (although i prefer to record them myself) isn't playing unfair...


Bye for now, as Ali G would put it : "Keep it weaw, buoakasha!" -hehe, or bom

shankar, if that suits you better :)

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Guest [Anonymous]

My opinion is screw the old stuff! mfg phew! ofcourse it was really good at its

time! but the music evolves, its supposed to change! somtimes to the likes of

one person but sometimes you may dislike it! And anyway without misstakes

there will be no progress. I like the modern music less because it is so

monotom! But i intend to do something about it! stop wining and do something

about it! Or atleast give some constructive critsism!

And! if your good enugh at what you do, you wont have to be commersial!

PLUR and everyting!


--- Spiralix

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Guest meister_yo[at]gmx[dot]net

The 2nd CD I only like 3 tracks...i am surprised about the selection of

completely disharmoning tracks. How is it possible to put those different

sounds together? No way! One CD should be 'old style goa tunes' and the other

one 'psychedelic progressive (more experimental new sounds)'. I call it so,

not because it is a fact, just to separate them from the other style (and I

respectively dont want to say anything against that sound, just not my taste).

The best tracks of the 2nd CD are definately 'The Bastard - Crispy Crunchy

Buffet Beast.mp3' and 'Synsun - Replycant.mp3'


Keep that sound dudes!!!!! Good luck in your further career, I know a lot of

tracks and believe me, you will go further than the others....

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Guest [Anonymous]

well i love the idea!...


what i didn't love is how everyone used the same god damn high pass

filter:P...i haven't been listening to psy for the past 3 months and i decided

to give it a new listen with this cd, it could be just my new found disdain

for all psy...a lot seems formulatic. I'm reviewing this, like the first

reviewer said as if they're all pros. well anyways it's just reallly evident

that they all use the same software:)

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I'm very sad because most of you criticise (make it with the right way) some

tracks...Cool down guys, this isn't the aim of the contest...You must think

that through this contest we have the oportunity to listen something

different,something which sourced from us and not from well-payed

stars...Ok...I hope all involved projects in this contest will try to make

something really explosive next time...A large Bom to all aliens out there!


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Guest outoforion[at]inwind[dot]it

Well, the CONTEST matter has been a great idea as there are some extremely good

newcomer artists inside. I've found great tracks and some other a bit "old

nostalgic style", but the result is great ! To all artists : continue offering

good music and psychedelic feelings !!


Thanks to Children of course.


Valerio / OUT OF ORION

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Guest mystifier[at]videotron[dot]ca

Hi guys.. im a big goa fan from montreal, canada and I am composing here and

there, nothing too serious (until I get a real synth, that is!). Well I just

wanted to thank Psynews for this, and all the artists that sent tracks, some

of them are just mind blowing! My personal fav is hands down, Andromeda ..

it's such a nice piece, not too psychedelic, a bit of melody too...just great!

anyway, thanks everyone..


- Jeff

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Guest Defbydelta...

Amygdala!! were r u or u gays from??

must know! I like u stuff Alot

and im intressted in ur music!

so if u want.. mail me at-- defbydelta@hotmail.com



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Guest Lunari

hmm .. i dont think the samples matter (if you steal or not .. since these

competions is not a serious release, DONT GET ME WRONG !) .. i think you

should think about the music as it is instead .. because thats what matters .

not the quality or the samples neither the copyright .. in this kind of

situations MUSIC matter .. © dont

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Guest Who are you my Ukraine hero? / f

Can anyone tell me who Synsun/Vax is!!! I´ve downloaded some tracks on

Audiogalaxy and I must say, it´s the best I´ve heard since the great days of

MFG/Pleiadians/Astral Projection!!! Some people may now say that this sounds

like something made on the stoneage, but I can´t help it, it takes the air out

of my lungs!!!!!!

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  • 8 years later...

What a nice VA. First off, it's free(Was it back then?). Second off, most of the tracks are really, really good! This was 2001 and this was one of the first true neogoa compilations with a good dose of psychedelia! The only tracks I don't really like are the Etack darkpsy track and the minimal Bastard track. I also noticed that the first SynSun track actually was released on the 2011 release, Dancing Mavka, with the moniker Zelur Project and a different track title.


But back to the compilation..


I mean, what is there not to like?


From liquid acid that makes your tongue wet to superb(De-fect!!!) forest goa to fast, hyper goa melodies in a psy spirit to the densest atmospheres(Epsilon!) and mad twisted psychedelia. And on top of that throw two downtempo tracks at the end! And it's free (At least now) so check it out now if you haven't already.

Really the only problem is the mastering, which isn't even that bad considering it isn't at least the loudness war problem, just generally too much bass and not very clear highs and mids. Some tracks sound better than others though.


Here's the link for the download:


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