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V/A - Psychedelic Voodoo

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Guest PsychedelicGav

V/A - Psychedelic Voodoo


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Artist: Various

Title: Psychedelic Voodoo

Label: Sub Terranean

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 09'59" Christof And DJ Maël : KLM (Pre-Mix)

02. 08'10" Nervasystem : Stardust

03. 06'43" GMS : Jaws

04. 08'00" GMS : Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

05. 07'47" Process : Cryogen

06. 06'21" Anti-Matter : Pulse 2

07. 09'06" Koxbox : Too Pure

08. 07'07" The Deviant : Dawn On Epsilon

09. 08'35" Syb Unity Nettwerk : Space Puppy


CD 2

01. 08'29" Elysium Vs Worm : Yemaya

02. 08'22" Ominus : Toxic Brainwaves

03. 07'02" Miranda : Subtropical Forest

04. 06'20" Psychlopedia : Sleepless Nation

05. 06'25" Crop Circles : Different Species

06. 07'40" Encens : Shapeshifter

07. 08'09" Chakra : Spider

08. 07'16" Conspiracy Theory : Project Oblivion

09. 06'30" Process : Internal Horizon

10. 05'41" Manmademan : Angel Hair




I bought this album with all intentions of being astounded by it - looking at

the track listing - and yet something is far wrong here. It?s continuously

mixed, which in itself doesn?t necessarily make it bad, but there is just way

too much boring stuff here. This album takes me nowhere - it leaves me cold.

I like a lot of the bands here, but this compilation simply bores me. Even

the opening track is crap - I think so anyway, with it?s stupid ?Pulp Fiction?

samples. A compilation to avoid!!!!!

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Guest ecstasymfl[at]bol.com[dot]br

I like this compilation, the first cd is faster than the second one, it seems

to be played at the witch hour. There are good musics on it, however i think

it's too acidic, but great melodies and some beaultiful sounds save'em all.

The second cd is more "relaxing" (?), the first music "Elysium vs Worm:

Yemaya" is, with no doubts, the best here in this compilation, the ethno

voices and sounds are superb, it was not surprise because it's Elysium, and i

like Elysium so much for this ethnic they use to sample in their musics. The

rest of the musics from 2nd cd are danceble and good. 8/10

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Guest Petz[at]fourrooms[dot]de

I bought this album more than 3 years ago and after first listening iwas

addicted to this CD. I have many great rememberings of inspiration, when i

listen to it now. But someone stole it last weeek! Is there anyone who can

sell me his album (orig. or copy)? Visit our homepage!!!Bam Bam Bhole!

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Guest Vidistindjian[at]aol[dot]com

I haven't this compil but i'd like to say 2 things:

-I look for a track which is in this compil...

Which begin with a melody and whose rythm slows down (at about 6mn) and then

speeds up .....

-Otherwise I'm surprised that only one guy has mentionrd Elysium's track. Yet

it's so nice with etno-atmosphere...

It's great...

And this track i talked at the begining of the review simply kick ass!! I want

his name!

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Guest [Anonymous]

I don't agree with u guyz!

This album contains some jewels even it has been mixed!

I'im in love with this comp, and nobody will never change that!


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Guest Quetzalgoatl

I only know Different Species by Crop Circles. Although it's a rather slow

track, it becomes superb when the bassline kicks in. A must have.

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Guest Tchankov I.V.

Vidistindjian, you wanted the name of your Precious? - Well, here it goes: Syb

Unity Nettwerk Experience "Space Puppy" by Kris Kylven (UX). Great track,

indeed! Also Koxbox "Too Pure" & GMS "Jaws" are two other my favourites on CD1

(but well known already). CD1 starts off in somewhat harsh mood, but

normalizes after the 2nd track ends. Then there's the flow of decent and

abovementioned great tracks. I dig it. But this is not the case with CD2 - too

many only decent tracks, worse that the early Koyote dominates here. Yet there

have still got a couple of tracks that I'm fond of: Elysium & Crop Circle. All

others I consider being "wrong" or misplaced. Well, decent compilation,

neither great nor weak. But its title "Psychedelic Voodoo" is not

well-grounded, but who cares? 7,5/10 for CD1 and only 6/10 for CD2. Tchankov

I.V. (civ604@mail.ru)

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The sea of psytrance compilations so flooded it is, it's always nice when you stumble over the really good compilations. And you've stumbled over one of the really good compilations.


PV comes mixed which is always a tricky business. I like good mixes, but I also often want the entire build-up. And mixed cds can be mixed so crappy. Luckily, PV is mixed flawlessly and with a bulletproof feeling for the right build-up. PV quite simply OOZES the Goa sound from start to finish. But let me mention a couple of the killers here.


First one is the opener, Christof & DJ Mael's KLM. The track itself is great but with the Pulp Fiction sample on top, practically, makes for a classic. GMS gives us Jaws and Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? from their mayheem days. Enter the definition of Goa trance. Trippy, danceable, and intense. Obviously, Koxbox' shines through with their Too Pure. No one has ever quite matched the sound of Koxbox – well, Saikodpod, perhaps, aside. Like GMS, in the early days these guys could do no wrong.


But the real reason for me to be so infatuated with PV is cd 2. Track 1 to 5 should be in every psy dj's collection - and recollection. Goa doesn't get any better than this. No dubt, individually, the tracks deliver but in the mix they’re untouchable. When Crop Circle ends with Different Species you'd have to be dead not to dance. Or on tranquilers. Or both.


As far as I know Different Species is only available in cd format on this compilation and easily makes the compilation worth the purchase alone. To think what they could have made of an album?


It's hard to follow CC but Conspiracy Theory does an admirable job with Project Oblivion. This focus on a more dark sound, still, the feel-good Goa vibe never escapes. Bass to keep you dancing, trippy FX for the mind, and layers and melodies to create a story. I always liked Goa the most when it was made with the dancefloor in mind - and the shere speed of it making it tripable.


Manmademan closes with Angel Hair. A relaxed track to end the journey? Guess again. While the smooth sound is bound to please the female audience, this is also the very proof that there IS a line between cheesy and happy with edge. PV couldn't have ended any better.

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