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V/A - Psychedelic Soundforce

Guest tandava604[at]yandex[dot]ru

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Guest tandava604[at]yandex[dot]ru

V/A - Psychedelic Soundforce


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Artist: Various

Title: Psychedelic Soundforce

Label: Nephilim

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 13'46" Analogue Dream : Tribal Dance And Go On

02. 09'23" Mana : Mindfunk

03. 08'54" Orbit Luna : Not Human

04. 09'00" Dopamin : Psykopharmaka

05. 07'22" Marathi : Athras

06. 06'02" Droidsect : Ketamine

07. 07'46" Tomac : Tricky Tryptamine

08. 08'00" Stefan Dragon : Dragon




German quality is forever. A very good compilation. Dark, quite minimalistic,

it starts with a nice morning track by Analogue Dream. The last one, by Stefan

Dragon, is also a good motning drop. The rest of tracks is amazing, very hard

and with good melodies. Orbit Luna RULEZ!!! You aren't human, you are nasty

freak on drugs!!! 8/10

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Guest moander[at]media[dot]mit[dot]edu

first track is really sublime, amazing tribal intro, very progresive and

morning, droidsect kicks ass too, besides that the rest of this cd is


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Guest Goa Spirit

I didn't dig this album too much, there are two amazing tracks here, but the

rest did not catch my fancy... orbit luna and droidsect are very good tracks,

and make you want to lose it... dragon has a decent track.. the rest are

filler.... 5/10 on the whole, 9/10 for tracks 3, 6

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"We'll smoke the pipe and there will be no lies between us."




She is so baked.


If this is what the truth sounds like I'd prefer you to lie to me. Let's start with the poor sound quality. I own this disc and it's full of crackles and distortion on the kick. That gives it that vintage feel so I'm not getting my panties in a twist over it. What I will quibble with is the music. You can make the argument that this sounds pretty psychedelic. However you can also make the stronger and more correct argument that this is rather minimal or a foray into experimental noise. You wanna say that the Luna Orbit track is the best?


Fine. Might as well say that at least I don't have a paper cut on my penis. I suppose the merits of this would be directly proportional to how high you were. Since I'm drug free, I'll scowl at this with withering disapproval. Nothing memorable here. In fact I would almost prefer to fold laundry or do the dishes than have to listen to it again.


And I hate folding laundry.

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