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V/A - Psychedelic Visions 1


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V/A - Psychedelic Visions 1


Artist: Various

Title: Psychedelic Visions 1

Label: Transient

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'22" Disco Volante : Moonraker (Man With No Name Rmx)

02. 08'31" Fahrenheit : Panacea (Cosmosis Rmx)

03. 09'10" Syb Unity Nettwerk : Lost World

04. 08'19" Disco Volante : Forbidden (After 8 Mix)

05. 06'49" Fahrenheit : The Flame

06. 06'27" Butler And Wilson : Submission

07. 07'51" Cosmosis : Gift Of The Gods

08. 08'17" Astral Projection : Mahadeva (Rmx)

09. 08'40" Power Source : Granada

10. 07'45" Slide : First Contact


CD 2

01. 10'58" Cosmosis : Howling At The Moon

02. 07'05" Lunar Asylum : Reefer Madness

03. 08'48" MFG : Magnetic Activity (96 Rmx)

04. 08'17" Butler And Wilson : Deliverance

05. 05'55" Astral Projection : Zero

06. 09'09" Element Over Nature : Cyber Reality (Hard Circuit Mix)

07. 08'09" Slide : Alien Hitman

08. 07'50" Lords Of Chaos : Spinal Gip

09. 07'49" Hypnosis : Fantasian




Extremely good compilation...Very good concept and very good choice of songs,

filled with classics...First disc starts with AMAZING remix to Disco Volante

MOONRAKER..It continues through more cyber and acidic songs : PANACEA,LOST

WORLD, FORBIDDEN, THE FLAME after which it starts with more melodic goa trance

: SUBMISSION, GIFT OF THE GODS ( that is one of the best from Cosmosis ),

MAHADEVA remix that is pretty good and mesmerizing GRANADA by Power

Source...HUH, this one is a real gem...The first disc ends with heavy,

extremely good FIRST CONTACT by Slide....CD 1 - 9/10

Second disc starts with one of the best Cosmosis track too - HOWLING AT THE

MOON, continues to rather average one from Lunar Asylum - REEFER MADNESS after

which goes extremely good remix by themselves ( MFG ) to MAGNETIC ACTIVITY...

After that comes very well known classic DELIVERANCE at is simply mind

blowing...ZERO by Astral Projection is very well known and it is

stunning...CYBER REALITY is next song and it immediately shows that the guy

from UX is involved...really stunning song...ALIEN HITMAN by Slide is another

brain cracker....simply great work form this guy...SPINAL GIP is rather wild

and more chaotic...the second disc finishes one extremely good, hypnotic song

by HYpnosis - FANTASIAN that simply describes how it's called...you really

have feeling of big, FAT fantasy....9/10 for this one too...so as you see,

pretty strong release..If you can find it, get it...

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Guest the trout

Good on the whole! A lot of classix! The Power source track is GREAT!! the

AstralP track is average, far from being their best work...but "Howling at the

moon" by COSMOSIS is very very impressive, it rocks and rulesss!!!

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