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V/A - Psionic Realms

Guest Smarthowie

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Guest Smarthowie

V/A - Psionic Realms


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Artist: Various

Title: Psionic Realms

Label: Digital Psionics

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Bent Sentient : Africaned

02. Kluster : DNA

03. Artax : Pointdexter

04. Frequency Deluxe : Our DNA Is Better Than Yours Is

05. Dark Nebula : Fibre Steel

06. Scatterbrain : Illogical Behaviour

07. Paps And Droidlock : Lynch The Prayer

08. Procs : Autocrat

09. Krumelur : Tortoise Tower




I think this compilation is very good, so it`s weird no-one has reviewed it! So

I try to do my best :) Track 1 is Bent Sentient and here we got an intro in

about 3min before the beat kicks in, an average track in my mind, nothing BIG

is happening, but anyway, a nice opening track! T2 is Kluster and I like all

Kluster tracks so I just new this one would be good too, and I wasn`t wrong!!

Typical Kluster-sounds, and good kicks!! T3 is one of the two Logic Bomb-guys

(Jonas, if I`m not wrong), and here we got a bit different track from the

usual Logic Bomb stuff! A nice track! T4 is Frequenzy Deluxe, great kicks

here, overall also a nice track and a nice bassline! T5 is Dark Nebula and I

have heard harder tracks from them, so this is a bit average in my opinion!

And then to my very favourite track on this comp., Scatterbrain !!! WOW! A

GREAT track, first a nice bassline, then harder - and one again harder again!!

And a very cool LSD-sample, you can hear it is Marge from Simpsons. Very

psychedelic sounds and this one will be a REAL killer on the dancefloor! T7 is

okay, but one of those I skip normally... T8 is good again, nice kicks and

basslines and Krumelur is ending this Good compilation with typical

Krumelur-style, a bit more minimal, but anyway: it is a good track! Overall I

give this compilation 8/10 and my favourites are: 6(!), 2,4,3,8,1...

Recommended!! peAce :)

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Guest Smarthowie

I was wrong - I think track 3 (Artax)is written by Lars Bergwall, it says so in

my cd-cover. But the thing is, Johan & Jonas is the two Logic Bomb guys, and

the guy from Hux Flux is named Jonas Bergvall... So-Who is Lars? If I`m not

wrong... again... hehe! Well, I`m not sure, but it is produced at Logic Bomb

studio in Sweden! And the intro is a bit similar to Deedrah: Reload :)

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