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BLT - Presence


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Guest psytrancer

bit wishy washy for the first four or five tracks...

but according to the review I will get it soon...


it has a nice feel to it though


well produced and thoughtfully arranged.


More soon...

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BLT - Presence


Posted Image


Artist: BLT

Title: Presence

Label: HOM-Mega

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'51" BLT

02. 09'05" Gravy For The Brain (Down To Earth Mix)

03. 08'46" Pinkster 99'

04. 11'47" Golden Slumbers (Feat DJ Nadi)

05. 07'14" Beat Manifesto (Feat Psycraft)

06. 09'10" Space Boogie (Feat DJ Nadi)

07. 09'43" Clear Vision (Original Edit)

08. 08'55" Presence




It's been a long time since I got to listen to an artist album that sounds so

together, concept And construction-wise, and sound-wise. BLT succeeds in

delivering music that is both intelligent and emotional, electronic dance

music that appeals to mind and heart, trance that manages to be psychedelic,

technoidic, melodic, and above all groovy as it gets. Don't get it wrong, it's

not an easy CD, it's not one of those CDs that catches on immediately. Yuli

writes the kind of tracks that you can listen to five times and say to

yourself: "so?", and then at the sixth time, while you're at your table doing

something else altogether with the music at the background, you'll find

yourself stopping everything and thinking: "What the hell is that? Where did

this come from?". The CD has a lot of space, with all the power and

complexity, the music remains open. It seems that the power in BLT's music is

in what's not in it. In the spaces between the sounds. It's the kind of music

that leaves us listeners with a lot of space to work our imagination, to

navigate the brain, leaving us feeling that we actually take part in this

creation. This CD is a masterpiece, starting from the thundery dramatic and

very atmospheric opening of BLT (T1), through the hysterical groove of Gravy

for the Brain (T2, the original on Alchemic Anacdote) And Space Boogie (T6,

Feat DJ Nadi and a voice from the past...), the hard minimal psychedelia of

Beat Manifesto (Feat Psycraft), the almost scary strength of Clear Vision

(T7), the 12 minutes full on full power experience of Golden Slumbers (T4,

Feat DJ Nadi again), and ending with the light atmospheric happiness of

Pinkster 99' (my favorite here!) and Presence. And finally a word about the

sound- immense, clean and crisp clear- a joy! I LOVE THIS CD! Best artist

album of the year 2000 so far (and we're nearing it's end)- run and get it!


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Guest trancegroover

Brilliant stuff, highly recommended for trancers evolve intelligent-wise!

Groovy baby!!!

Grat construction, great story telling- could be more technoish. Keep it up


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BLT has really improved since the last cd! BUT IT STILL SUCKS AS HELL! bland

and uninteresting... Disappears among other releases which are more

"programming" than "music composing"


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Guest goa[at]c4[dot]com

Well, I guess just like India, you either love or hate BLT- hehehe- judging

from the reviews here, anyway. I love it! I just got the CD and listened to it

only a few times, but already fell in love. Great layering, sick patterns, and

the volume and percision of the sounds. Highly recommended. My favorites so

far- Space Boogie (go Robert go!), BLT, Beat Manifesto.

Bom Shankar!

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Guest thirdeye[at]netvision.net[dot]il

BLT's second release, "Presence", is by far a more mature, complex and

consistent creation than it's predecessor. It is not your typically "floor

stomper" cd, but has it's moments. Personally i Love it and recommend to hear

it at home with a good joint.

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Guest [Anonymous]

BLT made a good work in this cd,i really liked it...I don´t think it´s


Beat Manifesto, Space Boogie, Pinkster 99 are the best tracks.Keep the good

workin,BLT!! If you liked it,buy the Voojoo Rituals compilation too...

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In my opinion it takes a being that has been listening to elektronik music for

a while, to realy understand this cd, that it is´nt just some boring slow

ambient cd... if you realy know good psy music, you must like this. I agree

with the top, this is a total master piece, but you have to listen to it...

from the begining to the end, and let your self float with the vibes, to truly

see the beauty in this album.

Man, that sure as hell sounded poetic... but it´s the truth... get this !!

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Guest Goa Spirit

The Israeli sound at its best, BLT is amazing... My favorite track is

definetely Space Boogie.. The two Dj Nadi tracks are out of this world.. man

this guy makes some serious music.. go buy it now!!!

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Very nice album.... I thought it would have been better considering to all

these great reviews above but yet it works fine. The three first tracks

doesn´t do it for me. Kinda minimalistic and they never get anywhere. The same

thing all the way. Space Boogie and Clear Vision are definetly the stompers

here with great basslines and nice bassdrumms. Not as melodic as I had


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Guest manicmagicmmushroomman[at]hotmai

Nice too hear Israeli trance just lacks any form of cheese at all. This is

really pushing the boundary back and I like it. Bass is what really sticks in

my head. Definatly got a twisted feel to me, but not really scary. Beggining

of the album could so easily have been very cheesey, but somehow manages to

avoid it, and is therefore amazing. Would have liked to have heard some

harder stuff, but still a solid 7/10

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Guest astralmoveo[at]centrum[dot]cz

BLT Presence - it´s really beautiful and full of psy energy album. This is

great example for another psychedelic period.

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Guest [Anonymous]

Its a good alb~um, although it wont get you jumping on parties due to its

softness. Very calm psychedelic musics. 6/10

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Guest FelipeLemosBrasil

This cd RULES EXTREMELY!!! Yuli is a great composer, every track is a history,

his style is original, the production and equalization is perfect, this is a

new sound... Hom-mega is the best, 100% high quality. Best tracks: Space

Boogie (a true classic), Presence, BLT, Beat Manifesto... 9/10

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This album is still fresh after all this time. Althought the cover is a little

chessy. I love the Led Zeppelin sample space boogie. If you see it buy it.

rating very good. 7.5/10

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