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V/A - A Party Is For Live, Not Just For Xmas

Guest Deku81

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Guest mrsyed

Again, releases like this are rare. What separates this release from most

others is the level and atmosphere of fun. All tracks are full on with a

happy, optimistic tune and OOOD adds to it with their playfullness. If there

ever was a band in Psytrance who puts a smile on the listeners face through

their psuedo sonic humor, it would be OOOD. The track titles says it all.

Party on with this CD for all seasons.

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Guest Deku81

V/A - A Party Is For Live, Not Just For Xmas


Posted Image


Artist: Various

Title: A Party Is For Live, Not Just For Xmas

Label: Cabbage

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 08'58" OOOD : Bald Marshon

02. 08'51" Conspiracy Theory : Project Oblivion

03. 06'59" Somaton : Alpha Rhythms

04. 07'22" OOOD : Empatheta

05. 08'40" A Eturnum : Interplanetary Explorer

06. 06'58" Gene Joke : Panoramix

07. 06'59" MFG : Inspiration

08. 09'20" OOOD : Hairy Venushon




Now this is a nice compilation!!!!!! One of the best I've ever heard. Psy

trance at its very best!! All eight tracks are

really great, but especially the OOOD (Out Of Our Depth) tracks are

awesome!!! From what I've understood this compilation

is very rare so if you see it do not hesitate to buy it!!!!!!!!! Rating:


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Amazing compilation...So psychedelic and crazy at the times...All songs are

very well blended and I like all of them but my favourite ones are : BALD


VENUSHON ( ! )....9/10

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