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V/A - Orbis Tertius

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V/A - Orbis Tertius


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Artist: Various

Title: Orbis Tertius

Label: Timecode

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. Intro : In Void Plate

02. Wizzy Noise : Light Of adness

03. NRS : Trouble On Tlon

04. Phyx : Secret Syntheses

05. Artifakt : 9 Coins

06. Shift : Absolution

07. Lemurians : Echoes Of Madness

08. Rabdom L : Killswitch

09. Artifakt : IS EA ID

10. Xatrix : File 2




VERY EVIIIIIILLLLL compilation!!! This one belongs right up there with the

Schlabbaduerst Rekkords compilations... yes, it's THAT dark!! Wizzy Noise

impressed me, they got even darker than they're usual stuff, I'd even say they

took dark psy to a new level with Light of Madness, definatley a must-have!!

Other favorite pick is Phyx - Secret Syntheses, again, I find they took dark

psy to a new level. But the rest are pretty cool too. 10/10 for this

groundbaker that reset the standards of darkness!! Don't try this at home


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Trance2MoveU    372



Artist: Various

Title: Orbis Tertius

Label: Timecode Records

Date: 2002


1. In Void Plate (Intro)

2. Light of Madness - Wizzy Noise

3. Trouble on Tlon - NRS

4. Secret Syntheses - Phyx

5. 9 Coins - Artifakt

6. Absolution - sHiFt

7. Echoes of Madness - Lemurians

8. Kill Switch - Rabdom L

9. IS.EA.ED. - Artifakt

10. File 2 - Xatrik


Before Timecode became one of the pre eminent labels for night time full-on they were producers of...I guess you would call it melodic, atonal darkpsy. Minimal at times with descriptive textures yet always remaining stuff of the shadows. You will see a lot of the artists that have been the stable of their label for many years. This was their 2nd compilation and well...you've got to crawl before you can walk.


Light of Madness-



Wow, wow, Wizzy. This is a lot different than the Wizzy we know today. An unchanging clanking of a track that shows me that they left the sequencer running. No melodies and full-on beats? Say it ain't so Wizzy!


Trouble on Tlon- This darkpsy act actually used more melodies than Wizzy. It's like it's 2002 up in here. Minimal sounding with evil effects pretty much sums it up.

This is the supernatural demon that's trying to escape from the basement.


Secret Syntheses- This is some old early Phyx! Dark and acidic like the first album from Twisted System. But rather than be minimal and mindless, it's chock full of electronic screeches and sinister things that crawl in the dark.


9 Coins- Label head Matthew De Nobrega is nothing if not consistent. This is the same dark, techno inspired psy that he still produces today. It's full of bleeps and scrapes with a very long break that gives it a deep feel. Noisy? Sure. But that's what he does.

Don't piss on my leg and call it rainwater. And he doesn't.


Absolution- Chris Hoy is a legend in the South African psytrance scene. You know you've made it when you can produce dubstep with a straight face (he does this as a side project). But back in 2002 he scraped concrete on concrete with aggressive leads, acid bursts and big beats. Like Walt Disney the darkness was always within him and he lays it out for all to see right here.




Who knew that speech impediment kept the evil locked away.



Echoes of Madness- I used to think that the Lemurians made the same type of music as the Pleiadians. My bad. Ah being a newbie in the scene was so innocent. With a nice break and punchy bass line I have come to appreciate this more now. Dark and twisted it's pretty damn psychedelic.

Guitar crunch at no extra charge.


Kill Switch- You know what always bothered me about this project? That motherf*cking b. Craig's gone on to have a very prolific career, but this isn't his best work. Stick figure thin in the production department it annoys me like the buzzing of a mosquito.


IS.EA.ED.- When you're the head of the label you can put two of your tracks on a compilation. If you like weird noises that sound like a change of underpants is in order then step right up. He's ahh...gotten a lot more detailed in his production.

I'm working on being nicer.


File 2- One of my favorite twilight music producers Gregory Hamber consistently knocks it out of the park with his tracks. This one...foul ball. I mean this is 11 years ago, what was he 15? One thing sticks out and that is the window vibrating bass. He's got the evil in him, with slow creeping pads that seem to be watching you from a distance.


I think it's fair to say that all the artists have gone on to make superior tracks and the label itself has grown by leaps and bounds. But listening to this was a function of the time it was released. It was before the full-on wave and the minimal era was on the way out. Dark at it's core you could just make out the direction they were going to lead psytrance. I know I'm trying to make room on the hard drive, but I just can't seem to get rid of this.


Beatspace (Digital Download)



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