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Guest Tomvcarter

V/A - Motion Generator

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Guest Tomvcarter   
Guest Tomvcarter

V/A - Motion Generator


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Artist: Various

Title: Motion Generator

Label: Flow

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Nativ Radio : Mums Expander

02. Morphem : Twin Towers

03. Lish : Simphonies Of Sickness

04. Echotek : Duel

05. Quarz : Midnight Ride

06. La Baaz : Flutgut

07. Yooza : I Don't Sleep

08. Ticon : Play That Dirty Piano

09. Antix : Fresh Friction




A week effort from the usually awsome Flow, nowhere near as good as anything

alse DJ pena has released. The tunes have potential, but they seem to all just

be half harted atempts. I know that these artists are capable of amazing

stuff, eg Morphem, Ticon, Ecotek, Antix, Paste (La Baaz), Nativ Radio &

ManMadeMan (Yooza). But these are just a bit week nothing special here in my

opinion, disapointing from one of the best lables around, dont be put off as

every other compilation they have released has been "top bommy!"


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Guest Aqua Mental   
Guest Aqua Mental

In my opinion this is absolutely the best compilation so far from the fabulous

Flow. All tracks have a wonderfull Flow that makes them easy to accept

straight from the beginning. But they get you deeper, much deeper than you

thought when you give them a good listen. I've heard record about 10 times

now, and it's really growing. Every time I hear the songs I get better kicks

:) My favourites at the moment are Morphem with his intelligent fantasy-story

about cruel Skepsies (?) and gentle Mystics, Echotek with his happy and

bouncing track and Ticon with their groovy and sexy atmosphere that could be

straight from 2002 blaxploitation movie if there ever was one. And La Baaz

(member of Paste) is doing very good job alone, more moving than Paste. Quarz

is nice also, and Antix are the ones I've learned to love... how could I

resist their twin-magic? Great CD, 9/10

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Setsuko    0

indeed this is not the best FLOW release I know but not really week too... the

tracks that stand out for me are 1,2,4 and the lovely funky "play that dirty

piano" . coverdesign is wicked and the sound quality is a big improvement to

for example 'Filtered Beats'. I give this 6,5/10 ... I really wonder how the

upcoming D-Tector album will sound like.

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Trance2MoveU    322

Boy did I just waste an hour listening to this snoozefest. I realize this must've been when minimal was popular, but 2 Tylenol PMs don't put me to sleep like this. I agree with the first poster that this seemed like a half-assed effort.



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