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Human Blue - Ice

Guest Trancers303

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Guest AlexG

i agree with the above: this one's great. out of all melodic titles i own, old

or new (and i got quite a few), this one has the most complex sound structure.

amazing textures and atmospheres, great feel, sweet melodies =). very very

nice 9/10

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Guest Trancers303

Human Blue - Ice


Posted Image


Artist: Human Blue

Title: Ice

Label: Spiral Trax

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 09'17" Trust In Rythm

02. 07'51" Atomic Can

03. 09'09" Breaking Limits

04. 09'55" Mechanic Horse

05. 08'00" Non Transparent Shadows

06. 10'01" Stonehenge (Rmx)

07. 09'19" Experimental Joy

08. 09'21" Travelling




YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT!!!!what a cd...I never expected something like

this...To be hounest I didn´t know about this group, so I went to the store

and saw this and listened, I thought it was Ok and bought it. Then I

listened to it when I was at home and I realized what great cd a bought. I

love the way Mr Dag Wallin builts up the tracks...Melodic(reminds me a of

Miranda, if you don´t like her then listen to it before you buy it)and those

crazy sounds he is making on the Nordlead...Listen to track 3...It sounds

like a saxophone!!Hey but its so fucking great!!!By the way I saw Him In

Stockholm on "Fryshuset" The people went crazy, great performance...Dont

miss this one!!! 9/10 Keep up the good work....

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Guest Mindbender

I thought that this album was absolutely amazing for a few months after I


it, but now I think it's 'only' good. The problem is that, while the tracks are

evolving and new sounds and melodies come in at the right pace, the individual

layers of sound and melodies don't evolve at all. Once on layer is in, it stays

the same always until it's gone. I like progression in the layers themselves.


it is, the tracks don't have too much new to offer after listening through them

many many times. However, like I said, I like this all the same. The first two

tracks are easy-going and nice. Breaking Limits is a great track an awesome

guitar solo (an exceptional evolving layer here) in the middle and changing to


stormer in the end. Mechanic Horse is my favourite here. It has a really

powerful bassline, which starts the track and is a really powerful stormer. Non

Transparent Shadows is very good with a very nice beat. The rest of the tracks


find a bit boring nowadays. Well!, Experimental Joy works for me sometimes,

but it's not really my type of minimalism. I hate the guitar with the extreme

reverb on Travelling. 7/10.

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Guest Mindbender

I think I have to update my opinion. Tracks 6 and 8 are ok after all. Depends

on the day, I guess. Nothing special though. And hate was a too strong word

for the guitar on travelling; I don't like it, but can't really say I hate it.

I also forgot to mention the nice 'light' drums on many tracks: they're good.

Still, the grade remains the same.

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He can construct lovely groovy minimal Scandinavian cuts, but then he often

segues between them with amateurish way-too-cute kid stuff. Might as well use

a kazoo. Still, there are some nice tracks on here.

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Guest Gustav

At first I thought this album was a little too minimalistic and slow. Then I

got the chance to hear him playing live at fryshuset in Stockholm.

This was during the later hours of the party and before he started I thought

that it would get boring, I needed energy.

Stupid me, this was one of the most energic sets I've heard. Slow I had thought

before, now he even played some of the tracks slower and got it to the perfect


The whole dancefloor was peacefully floating in unity, my mind was clear and I

was just smiling.

Very good morningtrance (8/10 - Best served at sunrise.)

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Guest [Anonymous]

What an album!Great work!Dag,you're my god for a month or two.Nice

textures,groovy sounds and excellently built melodies woven together in a

mixture that swirls and swims out of your speakers.Mindblowing

stuff,especially "Breaking Limits"."Travelling" is the best closing track I've

ever heard.Scandinavians rules!Big thanks to Dag Wallin for that alien's mind

creation.Pure 10/10.Bom.

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Guest what is "my email?'

hmmm... i dont know about this one. 1 , 6, 8 were ok. 2 was the highlight...

the rest not for my minimal melodic tastes. Background rythms were good but

still just half of an ounce only.

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Guest Ravemail10

This album is absolutely beautiful. From minimal to a beautiful melody in each

song. The same construction in most songs might get annoying in any album but

this. This is great. It's not dark and not shiny. Very aptly named, gives a

picture of slowly flying over the arctic, mostly barren with the occasional

bear looking up at you. And as you gaze into the bears eyes you feel the

greatest connection to nature that you ever felt in your life. Absolutely

beautiful, love the cover! 10/10 - and i never give a full 10 lightly. Bom! -


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Guest Mind Expander

Don't bother to buy this album except you wanna waste your money! This CD is so

minimalistic and lightyears away from complex. It sounds like a bloody newbie

bought a synthesizer and made some tracks my grandmother could do better.

Track 4 is, in my opinion, the greatest crap i've ever heard and there isn't

one lone element of psy-trance on the whole album. This album is so

booooooooooring, dudes. Are you deaf? Can't you all above use your ears? It's

always the same, boring background layer all the 9 minutes in every track. The

only thing that's good on this CD is the end of track 3. But OK, for those who

want to waste their money for a musical-brain-annoyer, buy this and become

happy. But for those who like full-on psy-trance: buy BotFB - Twin Sharkfins

or download it from mp3.com/battlebuddhas for free!

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Guest Cpt_Shiner

Mind expander be nice.... BotFB Twin sharkfins has the same background layer in

many of its tracks from begining to end, need i remind u of neuroglider? I

luv Twin Sharkfins to death, so im not being biased... and somehow i doubt

your granny can do better... as for the review, definatly a cd to add to your

collection! 8/10...

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Guest Mind Expander

Sorry for this negative review dudes, don't take it too serious. It just was a

real shitty day. Now that I've listened to the complete album again I think

it's not that bad at all but still a bit boring. This is an album you have to

be in the right mood to understand it. At the moment i'd give it 6/10 but

still not more. It's just OK, not better for me.

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Guest dano[at]dds[dot]nl

My hopes for this album were rather high after hearing the Human Blue tracks on

Transient?s ?a progress in trance? and ?Transient 8?, which I thought were

brilliant. And I really, REALLY tried to like this album. But I think this

album completely sucks. It is elevator music which doesn?t light a spark in

me, on the contrary: I get depressed knowing that shit like this is taken

serious by some psytrancers.


A 3/10

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I think there are 3 real killers on this album!! Number 1 because of that

rhytm-section, number 4 because it's so spacy morning-Trance and number 9

which is also nice morning-trance!! The other songs are nothing special!! I

agree with Dano that he has some Brilliant singles out there (Sandal Wood, La

Scream)!! The secret of this CD is listening to it during sunrise, it's

fantastic!! I've seen Human Blue LIVE here in belgium a few months ago and

everybody was flying... It was the best morning-set ever!! But he didn't play

1 song of this CD, and maybe it has a reason... Anyway, 7/10 from me!! Bom


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Is it on CD? I wish I knew that!(The record shop said it wasn't!) Anyway, This

record is rocking, it is so cruisy & well constructed, yet psychedelic

nonetheless. I am only too happy to listen to it. It is such a nice contrast

to the dark sound of today! (I love the dark stuff, but I also love the

morning)Dag Wallin is a busy boy! How many compilations is he on? Dag, if you

are reading this, come to Australia, ask Atmos or Anti, we fuckin rock!!!

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Guest Mescalinium

I've had this cd for a long time now, and just really got into it the other

day. It's just one of those albums that you have to be in the right mood for

and you have to let it grow on you. It's very complex in that its sometimes

difficult to process all the layers of sound, even though some of the songs

are fairly minimal for melodic trance. I know, that sounds really

paradoxical, but its hard to explain. My favorite has to be Breaking Limits

with its killer bassline, but then half way through the song, the beautiful

melody comes in and the whole song just goes crazy. Wonderful. 7/10

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Guest damoneves[at]hotmail[dot]com

I just got this cd and think it's...worth 7/10. It's better than a seven or

would have been, If i reviewed this when it was released. 9 or 10 for sure but

now it's a little dated. Anyway the cut off's are a little childish but that

is all, everythng else is complex and intriguing. It's a good bridge for the m

vs m lovers. I think i will really like some of his newer stuff.

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Guest djunsane[at]goatrance[dot]com

This album is just pure insanity. its what dreamy & dancing music is all about.

great stuff and i just am dying for them to take out a new album. 9/10

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