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Atmos - Headcleaner


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Atmos - Headcleaner


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Artist: Atmos

Title: Headcleaner

Label: Spiral Trax

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 13'28" Fill The Hat

02. 08'31" Average Beverage

03. 09'51" Sonic Kipper

04. 14'03" Cable Enable

05. 09'11" Jimmy The Plate

06. 08'23" Qualität Im Quadrat

07. 08'28" Scientific Coverup




Pretty Good album, but it's a more quiet than psytrance album :-) Like a

combination between Blue Planet Corporation "Blue Planet" album and Psychaos

"Cause And Effect" album, but much more various :-)

So you should buy it if you like quiet psytrance ! Best Tracks seem to be

Tracks 1,3,4 ! Don't like Track 7 ... Rating : 5.5/10

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I don't get it. Every comp in the last few months has an Atmos track on it.

Why? It all sounds like the same lazy, perfunctory production to me. Not

enough energy, too repetetive, no clear direction ... like Gabriel LeMar's

less cool younger brother with no appreciation or understanding of how to

write trance. I keep going back and listening to more of it after reading

shimmering, glistening praise in reviews, and can't help wondering if there's

some kind of Secret Frequency Range that everyone else hears and I'm missing.

Not my cup of tea.

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Guest Young

i think atmos is fuckin great, kleine aber doctor (is that the exact title?) is

a beautiful track, not all that full-on but very well-composed psytrance, a

bit out of the "rules" with which trancers guide their criticisms yet very

very pleasant trance, in my opinion.

his live acts are self-explanatory - atmos is *good* ;)

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Guest Infected Max

Ooooh my god!!!! Swedish are so insane..:)This Atmos CD fuckin Rules!!!

A new kind of Trance...donno how to call it..very floating sounds, lot of

echoes, reverb...I LOOOOOVE IT!!!! The tracks are very long And i like that.

The trick to understand this album is to put it at high level while doing

something else...that's what i did....& suddenly that's it!!! you discover a

new dimension...

Wooooow....Revealation of 2000 to me!!!!


Listen the big work on rythmic sections....



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Guest swoop

Well this can't be compared to his earlier EP's. It actually sound like this is

a cd album made more for listening than the dance floor. Excellent stuff

though, no crappy tracks. Seems like he has laid alot of work behind this. 8/10

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Guest mrsyed

It's strange but someone on the 604 list brought up the fact whether the reason

he did not like Atmos while others did was the fact that he probably was not

resonating to a certain Atmos frequency. I think that is probably true of a

lot of the quiet, atmospheric tracks. Atmos' tunes are very atmospheric with

those beautiful, careful restrained melodies that you either get it or don't.

I do. So if you like Atmos at all this is definitely for you and is worthy of

the being on the top five of the best albums of the year. Well done. 9/10

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Guest Rough and Rush

Sonic Kipper, what a track almost as good as drums don't stop. Must be heard

loud and outside under the stars. Then maybe you will resonate to the Atmos

frequency.Everytime I have heard Atmos outside he sounds fucking magic. He's

not so good live though.Nice Cd though. Play loud

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Guest Deku81

There has been lots, and various reactions on this cd, but I must stick to the

positive ones.. the tracks should really be mixed into each other.. beacause

that's the way this album is built up.. first two are soft and pretty slow

tracks, but it's getting darker and darker by each minute that passes.. then

WHAM! on track 3,4 and 5..TOTALLY MINDBLOWING tracks that works great for an

outdoor party.., so dark and deep sounds, it's amazing how Atmos can create

such sounds. Then you wanna get up from that knockout so the two last tracks

are just like the two first, soft and slow.. but yet so nice! Very good

release from the Swedish Spiral Trax crew. You gotta give it a few listenings

first to understand it though! Rating: 9/10

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Guest kim.gavlestam[at]home[dot]se

I really like this album. It's very different to "regular" trance. Hard to

describe his style, dark, deep sound with lots of echo on the synth lines,

precise drum programming and well composed tracks. The tracks takes their time

to build up and create the right atmosphere, wich is entierly positive. If you

are looking for full-on this is not the album for you, otherwise this is a


Rating: 9/10

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OK I took a chance on this disc and found a few nice lightweight tracks I like,

although I really don't think they demand 11 to 15 minutes of the good

listener's time. Overall I'm still not sold on the Atmos sound, because the

bits I like best sound like older X-Dream. No disrespect, perhaps I just do

have to hear it outside.

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Guest Ktaadn

If Pink Floyd played Goa instead of Pompeii, this is the sound that would have

materialized! Each track features more of an "aura" than a fixed melody, and

it's sheer bliss. Agreed, it's miles from the full-on freakout that dominates

conventional psy-trance; this is it's beauty. "Headcleaner" serves as evidence

that you don't need pounding basslines to "get there," just a bit of soul and

spirit. Simply breathtaking...10/10

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Guest d.mcnair[at]dailyrecord.co[dot]u

The thing is....for me at least...is that although psychedelic trance artists

produce some of the best heart felt and full on sounds this side of whatever,

sometimes it can get a bit full on with too much going on and not enough

effortless flow but..... and it's a big but...there's folk like Atmos who're

makin' stuff like this...and it keeps me going, so cheers fur that anyways. In

the Psy-trance scene, whilst keeping our fingers on the pulse to the kind of

sounds that originally grabbed our attention from the global pish that was

predominating at the time, we must surely encourage anyone who wishes to

progress that sound or dancefloor ideology to whatever level they seee fit to

within that realm, without limit or rules or pigeonholing if you like, and with

artists like Atmos and this album, the futures bright...the futures

noo! Awright, I got a wee carried away there but you get the just of what I'm

sayin' eh? Nice one Atmos...The Drums, don't stop....10/10 nae bother...

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Atmos's head cleaner was a long awaited

album for us after hearing "bad 2 bones"; "total control";"the only

process"&"kleine aber doctor" we can't wait to hear what new stuffs this new

artist from

sweden bring us. rusing home with my wife And a long time

trance friend of mine with the new cd. tune the stereo up. oh - my god ! we

lost in trance starting from the first song that realdy fill the hat ! all

three of us was

stond right in front of the speakers the hole time until

it finish . what a trip! yes. it wasn't full on like X-dream style or full of

twist like simon posford. but this is definitly a carefully craft piece of

work lot of heart And soul in it. for the work 10/10 ; talent 8/10

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Lots of different opinions on this one.

I think that each track/style has its own time of playing.

Atmos is groovy and easy to catch up with,so it should be played at the

beginning or in the morning.

I swear to you all,this sound(Atmos,Element,Noma,Spiral Tracks)will get you

moving like never before.

Just play it at 8 in the morning,you'lllove it!

You can dance on this FOREVER!

Atmos-Headcleaner is just what the title says.



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I've given this my best try and I still really hate this sound. Too

'progressive', not deep enough for my tastes, sounds to me in some sense thin

or underdeveloped. I'm all for minimalism, but more like LSG or like Luminus

or like Darshan, and less like Flying Rhino has been sounding lately or like

the whole Ibiza sound. I can't put my finger on the exact thing I hate about

these bass lines, but I know it when I hear it and this is it. Still, I think

Atmos has their finger on a certain pulse and that this sound will develop. I

wish the best to all on this journey, but this is where I step off and head

for weirder ground.

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Guest gizmomarek[at]hotmail[dot]com

Headcleaner is a debut And great album from Atmos (Tomasz Balicki). Long tracks

And a strong, deep And pulsating beat makes man hypnotised. With every another

track the tension is risin And risin. First tracks ("Fill The Hat" "Sonic

Keeper") dark climate, total hypnosis. "Cable Enable" for me the best track,

here the consciousness automaticly changes to different, higher state. "Jimmy

The Plate" with some breakbeat elements which only add more energy "Qualitat

im Quadrat" another outstanding

track, very energetic And I would say a little funky. The Last track

"Scientific Coverup" is an chilly one. You can relax here from all that

hypnotic drive. It's difficult to describe this kind of music, it must be

listened. I'm Inducing you to buy this CD. Every track is good to the

psychoactive party, like also they're good to listen at the housy And jointy

chill-out. 8,5/10

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At last I get it! "It's not day-glo. it's fluorescent." The sample encapsulates

the whole flavour of the album. Whoever suggested to use it as background

noise had the right idea. To be listened to out of the peripheral vision of

your ears. If you focus on it too hard, it disappears. Jimmy the Plate is

lovely. What blows me away is that it's released on Cosmophilia; everything

else they release seems to be the hard bangin' Yumade/Absolum/Wizzy

Noise/Hadshot Haidezar sound.

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Guest madc0w

I don't usually comment, but i think this albums deserves it. I absolutely LOVE

it, possibly the best of 2000 so far. But i didnt love it from the beginning.

I always thought atmos tracks were pretty cool,esp. klein aber doctor, but

nothing too great. But one evening i was sitting at home, stoned, doing

nothing,and i put this on. Wow, it was like an eppiphany. Just can't get

enough now, the way he suttley blends melody and sound, its just so great. No

dancefloor stormers though, more of an upbeat chill album (for me at least).

Get this album, and give it time. And be sure to get all his other tracks too,

esp. drums dont stop, klein aber doctor and so nice you name it twice.

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Guest psych_merlin[at]yahoo[dot]com

Nice to see differing opinions about this album. Personally I like this album

very much, although I have to admit that it may not be to everyone's liking in

the same way I don't like alot of melodic commercial trance. Each to their own

opinion though. Psychedelic Trance is expanding it's horizons, and so it

should. This album is definitely one of those albums you should listen to on

headphones or on a really loud good quality system to hear all the sounds and

effects. Spiral Trax deliver the goods again. By the way Kuldip, if you

thought Jimmy the Plate was a good track, then listen to A. Pro X. It's the

B-side of the EP also out on Spiral Trax. Chunga Phir, Namaste and Bom


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Guest ir0nm0nk3y

Heavy bass on smooth flowing lines. Slow, deliberate energy. Etnica's Mind

Altering Drugs And Shpongle's Behind Closed Eyelids. As others here have

stated its not dance floor stuff (well, maybe late into the evening - early

morning) but, very nice just the same. 9/10.

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Guest piff puff paff poff peff pyff

Atmos is eeeeeh.....outstanding, amazing and probably the

best !! Floating spacy TRANCE that grips you by the balls

and sends you flying headfirst into the open spaces of

your mind (What??). Mindblowing stuff Mr Balicki.

At first it all sounds a little bit samey....but just wait and give it some

time to evolve, after the third or fourth time you begin to rise above the

ground as the drums and loops and sounds just makes YOU FLY !!

This release and Human Blue´s "Ice" is the proof that the future is in

Sweden....flyg lilla humla flyg....

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Guest F-AcTivE

This is very good stuff from sweden(my home) , It's kind a hard to tell what

this is ...but it's cool as hell.. if hell can be cool :) , I always put this

on when i go to bed ..and get a nice dream every time :) , It's nice for

chillin ...it's not a dancefloor kicker.. , real Quality Trance !! have no

absolute fav tracks here .. it's all good but not perfect, Don't like the

voice sample in the last track ../ anyway..nice work by Tomasz Balicki ! must

give this : 8/10

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Guest Ehsanur

Ok. No disrespect to the Swedes (actually this guy is from Poland). The album

is well-made,but I dont get that liquid And shroomi feelin' by listening to

this piece of audio. 3-4 songs are cool,the rest are average and that

can be very negative. This is no doubt ambient/downbeat material,and u cant

help yourself comparing it to equelent records like Shpongle,Eclipse,or

Mysteri of the Yeti 1&2. This is mainly due to the fact that the songs are too

long (nothing wrong with length, but there's nothing wrong with some depth and

strength). However,technically the sound is very refreshing and

Scandinavian-wise. When I first heard it, my mind took a

quickstep journey to the northern,artic parts of this globe. I guess there is

some clean,icy And white vibe within it.. When this is said,I would buy the cd

just because of the first and last song,those are nice pieces of handwork. But

the overall karma.....


7/10-Vice men dont shave...Eshanti Brahman

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Guest mikrozomme[at]bgvirtual[dot]zzn[

Hmmmmm..I expected most from that guy having heard some other of his tracks

from Congovox and The Mato Project.I think this stuff is good,but not

unforgettable.There aren't many various sounds,good transition and hard

basslines.The other scando psychedelians like Hux Flux and Logic Bomb have

done better.6,5/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

Give it a try. Light and mellow but still energetic.

My favorite track is "Cable Enable", but others are very good too. Overall good

stuff I think.

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