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GMS - The Growly Family

Guest Deku81

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Guest Deku81

GMS - The Growly Family


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Artist: GMS

Title: The Growly Family

Label: TIP

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 08'08" Surreal Killer

02. 06'55" The Caterpiller

03. 06'49" The Growly Family

04. 07'35" Tentacles Of A Jelly Fish

05. 07'08" Mouth Of Madness

06. 08'07" Addiction

07. 06'48" Slow Motion

08. 06'52" Gwai

09. 07'33" Dirty Harry

10. 07'08" Yashu




These guys must be crazy for real.. have a look at those track titles..

hehe, and then listen to this album.. hehehehehe...

totally wicked tracks and lots of cool stuff! :). Listen to the Adam's

family in track #3, Simpsons in track #7 or the

amazing sitar in track #9 .. this album will blow your mind, with weird

sounds and noise. Definetely not an easy album but

instead so mean and rough :), but still it got that extra twist of humour!

GMS. must have been brain damaged when they

were kids, but in a good way!!! heheh, Rating: 7.5/10.

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Guest Infected Max

This is an album that really disturbs me. Let me explain..i don't like most of

the tracks And i could put a 2/10. But inside there's a jewel...a pure

track..a bomb. "Dirty Harry" raise the album from 2/10 to 7/10. Nver heard

such an intro, such a powerfull track, excellent sample...almost perfect.

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Guest Tequila

This album sucks!! only two good tracks: Growly family and Dirty Harry.The rest

is really a disgusting pieceof shit.NO MELODIES NO MELODIES NO MELODIES. GMS

doesn't make goatrance, they make noise and pollution.

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Guest d.mcnair[at]dailyrecord.co[dot]u

I think that bands like GMS and Green Nuns are good for psy-trance cos they

take a lot of po-facedness out of the music and show that trancers can have a

good sense of humour whilst still ripping your poor speakers to shreds and for

this, they must be saluted! 7/10

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You really have to focus and listen to all the diffrent sounds and noises in

order to like this album. Personly this is too psychedelic for me but I know

many others who love GMS. I preffer the good old Goa trance with more melodies

and less "strange" noises and sounds.

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Guest mazzive

Well, I own this one since almost 2 years ago, and I think is fucking

brilliant, all depends if you´re looking for melodic goa stuff or truly psy

trance, of course I preffer the more crazy psy side because it´s more

interesting for me, perhaps more experimental, like all TIP World stuff. I

started being boring of too melodic goa like Astral P, or MWNN, and when I

heard this style I knew it would be the future of Goa Trance. Strange, funny,

uplifting and complex at it´s maximun.

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Guest tb[at]biogate[dot]com

I got very depressed when I read some reviews. They make me wonder if you just

don't like that type of psytrance or if you just don't understand it. Because

this album is a real jewel. With perfect amounts of twist, melodies and

complexness´this album sets the genre psytrance straight. It's a twisted and

crazy CD, but superb. 10/10

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

I tried to convince myself that I liked them but they take these crazy noises

to another level and it brings me to the point that I feel like my head is

exploding. Impossible to listen to this album with headphones or your eardrums

will pop. GMS. = S.U.C.K. 2/10

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Well, it took me some time to get into it, because I'm usually into more


goa, but now I find it quite good, really twisted sounds and fat bass. Dirty

Harry is really a great track. Tracks 2,3,8,10 are also my favourites.

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Guest diesel[at]bemail[dot]org

One if best psychedelic albums.

It can't be compared with popular dance hits from Astral Projections and other

music with melody as a core.

Music must be psychedelic, without stupid melodies.

I give 10/10

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Guest Tequila

Hello, it's me again!! Yes, i have to put another review of this album because

it takes such a long time to get into it that my previous review doesn't

represent my opinion anymore.I find this album better and better each time i

listen to it.Of course, there's still no melody, but it's very psychedelic,

very complete goatrance. Do you see above how opposite are the reviews? That

clearly shows that before to throw into your garbage, listen to it, again,

again, and again, 'till you like it, because its very long to understand the

whole complexity of this album.Of course, i can't give more than 5/10 because

of the crual lack of melody, but I'm no more thinking it's pollution.Hope that

one day i'll be able to give a 10 to this CD.

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Guest nderu[at]goatrance[dot]com

I thought Dirty Harry was shite. Best were 7, 8, 10 and even then my ears were

saying things like "Where is the space" and "this has the subtlety of a

psychedelic sledgehammer". Some of the percussion work i really liked on this,

but really nothing too special for too long. Also disrespect to GMS for the

Aussie party they ditched at the very last minute in 99'

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Guest Dandoo Forest

the best album from riktam and bansi !!!!!!

i love it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fucking pure madness! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Guest nerrahtek[at]goatrance[dot]com

The first time I heard this I was tripping hard, and it scared the shit out of

me. When I'm listening to it I feel like my brain is being pounded on,

tickled, then electricuted. I love it!

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Guest pulsewaver[at]hotmail[dot]com

A masterpiece, It's the essence of goa trance.

It would be difficult for me to imagine somebody who's been to goa and wouldn't

like it.Not accidently, the genre is called goa trance.The inpiration is

coming from the Psychedelic parties there .GMS is my favourite band because

this guys have the inspiration and the experience to make a genuine goa

trance. If there is any album who deserve to get 10, this is the one.

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Guest sysweed

I've heard some songs from this CD and they are quite good. Many people like

myself prefer melodic Goa music,

but this type of psychedelic trance is nice to listen to

also. You should get a good sound system (or headphones

if you don't have access to any) in order to enjoy GMS.

But really, which music doesn't get better with a good

sound system? |-)

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Guest midspam[at]ugcs.caltech[dot]edu

This album is incredible. I consider this to be very "mature" psytrance;

there's a lot going on in these tracks, and it takes more than a couple

listens to fully appreciate it all. On my first listen, the only track I

liked was Dirty Harry. Now I wouldn't even consider it among the best. GMS

are masters. It's a damn shame that their recent work has become so

formulaic. GMS vs Systembusters and Tri-ball University pale in comparison to

this masterpiece.

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Guest mr_shih[at]yahoo[dot]com

Twisted and brilliant! I just found this cd and after a couple listens it blew

me away. the driving, raucous melody (yes there is a melody) in track 2, "the

caterpillar" is enough to push me over the edge. i can only imagine how this

would sound at a party. and by the way, you can't expect a normal approach to

music from a couple mescaline-heads called growling mad scientists - you

really have to have an open mind and listen carefully to understand this

stuff. there are melodies and musical structure in these songs, it's just so

twisted it's sometimes hard to recognize. it doesn't hurt to be insane to

appreciate these guys either - it's very clear from their music that GMS have

a different take on things. i'm a little off my nut and when i'm in a rowdy

mood i feel like this cd speaks to me (no, not that way you smarmy fuck :)

anyway, this is throbbing, bleeding acid trance throttled past the limit, not

for the faint of heart or mind. beautiful, 9/10.

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Guest foxm55[at]hotmail[dot]com

i dont know all those punk ass minimalist lovers but if you ever been on gms

party(ive been many times)that you suckers should know that this crew are

untouchable,i liked gms vs.systenbusters more,but its still GMS,

baby!!!peace,and keep up the good work!!!

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