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Bypass Unit - Green Dreams


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Bypass Unit - Green Dreams


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Artist: Bypass Unit

Title: Green Dreams

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 06'45" Phaser Galaxy

02. 08'10" Green Dreams

03. 07'51" Tunnel Flotation

04. 07'12" Weird Monkey

05. 04'17" Helium

06. 06'42" Shanti

07. 09'03" Higher Spirituality

08. 07'09" "Tossen" On A Mission

09. 08'20" Cruiser




Good CD of one of the leading Goa-groups of Scandinavia!! The first 4 songs are

normal Psy-Trance songs but after that there are some uplifting Goa-Tracks...

The best track is nr 7... It has lots of melodies, it's still very good

dancemusic and it just makes you feel good...!!! Other very good songs are

2,5,6&8!! Bom Shankar

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Guest DarkSeed909[at]hotmail[dot]com

Great sounding album. It's not hard psy-trance, but it's really good trance in

it's unique way. Give it a few listens and you'll be hooked. Bypass Unit has

a great style, and they carry it over onto their next album as well [Dropz Of

Obscure Eclipses]. Buy this one for sure: a library isn't complete without

the diversity of all forms of psy-trance. 8.5/10

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Stunning album ! I think it is their most concrete goa trance album, DROPZ OF OBSCURE ECLIPSES is more hard and energetic but this one is more spiritual.


Their first album ON A TRANCE MISSION is more simple and this one in the middle is just the way it should be. My favourite tracks : PHASER GALAXY, GREEN DREAMS, WEIRD MONKEY, HELIUM, SHANTI, HIGHER SPIRITUALITY, CRUISER...8/10

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