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V/A - Goa Trance 4

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V/A - Goa Trance 4


Artist: Various

Title: Goa Trance 4

Label: TRNC

Date: 1999


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 06'48" Sphinx And Joking : Metaphysical Signal System

02. 09'17" Jigsaw : Absolute Wave System

03. 06'06" LASER Ray : Distant Galaxy

04. 09'13" Synchron : Mystic Hypnosis

05. 08'41" Enfusia : 8 Times Oscillated Goa City

06. 08'25" Psychedelic Tranceforce : Mental Frequency

07. 06'55" Multi Freeman : Fantastic

08. 09'03" Color Dox : Out Of Time

09. 06'49" Gigamorphosys : Massive Vibrations

10. 06'31" Translator : Psychedelic Transwaves


CD 2

01. 07'55" L'Ange Gabriella : A New Mental Dimension

02. 05'34" Aminate FX : It's A Paradise

03. 08'19" Sphyrinx : Morphic Goa Power

04. 08'20" Xenos : Mental Strength

05. 09'18" Alysium : Frequencies Of Our Eternity

06. 08'30" SFX : Unexhaustable Source Of Inspiration

07. 07'31" Cyber Spy : Specialized Composition

08. 09'39" Avi Nissim : Infinite Eternity

09. 06'09" Lasertrancer : True Goa Music

10. 06'57" DJ Alex : Cosmic Future




Damned... What is this??? This CD is all made by 1 producer!!

(Ingmar Veeck) and he's operating under names as Avi Missim (Almost like the

name of the guy of A.P., Avi Nissim) or names as Sphinx And Joking (Amost like

the name of Joking Sphinx) And Last but not least Aminate FX (Amanite FX is

the orginal name)!! So this is fucking commercial Goa-music!! Luckely there

are some good songs on it (CD1 nr1,5&6) and on cd nr 2, 3,4&5!! But after this

CD Ingmar Veeck made only fucking commercial BULL-SHIT!! Buy never something

from this label unless Goa Trance 1,2,3!! (There are still more artists on


So please forget this, DON'T buy it, cuz that's the way how Goa-music will be

commercial someday!!! Bom Shankar

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Guest psymaster2000[at]aol[dot]com

The guy can´t nothing for that, it´s because of the label.... It is the Label

.... I heard many stories about

this dutch label ... not the artists fault...!!

Think of that fact!!!

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Guest Quetzalgoatl

I've only heard 'It's A Paradise', the key melody of that track is about a

million times used in commercial trance/dance tracks, so I think it sucks.

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HUH, this is some pretty weird compilation here...As stated above it is all

made by one producer but it is in fact good....very good I can say...I was

extremely dissapointed and shocked when I realised that is was made by one

guy...Every song does sound a bit the same but he uses different sounds in

different songs...And, FOR CHRSIT SAKES, why to use fake names of very famous

artists ???? That was my biggest worry, but nevermind, guy made stunning

music...certainly not commercial...The melodies he uses aren't commercial at

all....It is pure goa trance, poorly done but still very good...Melodies in

some songs really even brings tears to eyes cause they are too emotional...The

Best on compilation : CD 1 : 1, 2, 5 ( !!! ), 6 ( ! ), 9, 10...8/10 and CD 2 :

2,3, 4 ( ! ), 5 ( ! ), 6 ( ! ), 7 ( ! ), 8 ( ! )...9/10...so actually very

good collection of different goa trance....So, if you want some other goa

trance I think you should buy this no matter the poor production...quality of

melodies are good...

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Even the title of this series is copied from the "Goa-Head" series - the same identical fonts are used!



Anyone interested Ramshorn is offering 10 per cent discount on some of it's releases...

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