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V/A - Goa Trancendental 2


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V/A - Goa Trancendental 2


Artist: Various

Title: Goa Trancendental 2

Label: Rumour

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 09'06" Astral Projection : Electronic

02. 08'13" Wavelength : Sonic Seaweed

03. 08'35" Astralasia : Aloo

04. 08'04" Mindfield : Siren

05. 09'59" Alien Mutation : Dreamscape Of A Weird Ambient Experience

06. 09'31" Quatermass : Night Spacer (Ambient Rmx)

07. 06'41" Super Skunk : Bubble Dub

08. 07'46" SYT : Nu Dawn

09. 09'56" Dr Psychedelic : Dubula Technoid




This was the first compilation cd which I bought, so it is something special to

me. Some tracks are low of BPM's. 1st track: 9'5/10, low of bpm, sweeping

303's and background pads. A great ambient track by Astral Projection. 2nd:

7/10, around 120 bpm, nice percussion. 3rd: 6'5/10, around 125 bpm. 4th:

6'5/10, low of bpm too. 5th: 8/10, low bpm, a lot of psychedelic effects. 6th:

10/10, around 120 bpm or a bit less, sometimes sad sometimes not, I love this

track. 7th: 5'5/10, around 125 bpm, not a bad track, but I don't like it too

much. 8th: 9'5/10, around 120 bpm, with a Drum and Bass loop, a very good

track, 9th: 7'5/10, around 120 bpm, very psychedelic. Global note: 7/10. Om

Gam Ganapataye Namah

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Guest a_ozi

one of the 1st ambient i bought... it has some great emotional moments and a

true goa spirit within. Not so uplifting as haunting and soulful(quatermass).

Not a lot of this label has ever interested me though.....

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Guest h8mail[at]hotmail[dot]com

bah - any comp with astral is pathetic GO minimal & proggressive ! melodies are

for old foghorns

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