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V/A - Global Psychedelic Trance 1

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Guest PsychedelicGav

V/A - Global Psychedelic Trance 1


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Artist: Various

Title: Global Psychedelic Trance 1

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. 06'49" Kuro : Zoa (Rmx)

02. 09'06" Electric Universe : Solar Energy

03. 07'00" The Infinity Project : Telepathy

04. 05'59" Crossbreed : The 7th L

05. 08'25" Adrenalin Drum : Harddome

06. 08'16" Electric Universe : Neutron Dance

07. 06'42" The Infinity Project : Binary Neuronaut

08. 07'09" Adrenalin Drum : The Hypnotiser

09. 08'27" Crossbreed : Brix (Shattered Mix)




We trust in trance and love to dance. From the opening seconds of K.U R.O.?s

Zoa, you know that you?re onto a good thing here. Oh yes, SpiritZone know how

to kick it - one of the best labels in the business - these Germans know their

trance. The music in this compilation is timeless -it stands up as well today

as it did in 1995. Strong German influences here abound - Spirtzone have

worked out how to make great compilations - but the countries represented are

diverse, we move into Japan, England, Amsterdam and Israel along the trip.

Buy this and feel the beat.

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Guest heierli[at]library.ethz[dot]ch

This is my favourite compilation. I have all Vols. at home (+ Global

Psy-Chill-Out). I like it when a CD has Goa and Chill-Out/Ambient. CD1 to

dance, CD2 to relax. The first vol. hasn't an Ambient-Part. Because of this, i

like it not so much how the others, but it's not bad. Some of the tracks are

very good. My favourites: Both Electric Universe Tracks and The Hypnotiser

(Adrenalin Drum). 6/10

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Ooohhh....how embarrassing.  For you.  He probably got a penalty shot for this.


And while not as gut-wrenchingly humiliating as that prodigious swing and a miss, this compilation lacks punch.  The two Infinity Project tracks are clutch of course, the ones from Adrenalin Drum were decent (but just so), and your boy Boris has certainly made better goa tracks than what you can find here.  


The remix of Zoa could've been so much more and the two Crossbreed tracks seemed rather boring.

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