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Todra - Figure Of Sound

Guest Trancers303

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Guest Trancers303

Todra - Figure Of Sound


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Artist: Todra

Title: Figure Of Sound

Label: Krembo

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 08'31" Heavy Ride

02. 08'10" Intelligence Gone

03. 08'44" Free

04. 07'42" Extra Terrestrial

05. 08'46" Runaway

06. 08'04" Electric Cow

07. 08'23" Virus

08. 07'54" Mother Earth

09. 09'54" 303 Zone




Nice album!!!The cd is very melodic but not cheesey. You could say Todra is

somewhere between Delta and Astral Projection. It´s very hard but still

melodic with great basslines, good samples and great outbreaks...Starts with

Heavy ride. I hate guitars but this track is awesome(its the only track with

guitars). Other great songs are Track 7 but have a weird basdrum which I

don´t like that much but the track is great anyway...2,3, 4 are the other

great tracks. There are no bad tracks but I hate the sample on Electric

Cow(I think its from Spawn..its very silly). I like the album and I will

give it 8/10

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Guest Pretty__poison[at]hotmail[dot]co

I like this album very much. Especially track 1,3 and the last one. Full on

acid I think. Ieny miny myny mo!




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