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V/A - Excerpts From The Databass 1

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Guest PsychedelicGav

V/A - Excerpts From The Databass 1


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Artist: Various

Title: Excerpts From The Databass 1

Label: Matsuri

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 08'40" Prana : Geomantik

02. 07'03" Doof : I Think We Can Go To The Moon (Full Moon Mix)

03. 07'29" Transwave : The Rezwalker (Black Thunder Mix)

04. 07'30" Witchcraft : Major Frequencies

05. 08'05" Typhoon : Overture

06. 07'34" Andora : Joy

07. 06'50" Process : X-1

08. 08'36" Manmademan : Scientific Experiment




I like this compilation - there?s a lot of pretty rare stuff on it. Opens well

with Prana?s Geomantik and keeps pace nice. Good kicking music, strong

basslines, I would recommend this today. Nice strong psychedelic tracks on

this - at a special price too if I remember correctly.

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This best of Matsuri from 95-97 is exactly that. A lot of heavy hitters here. Right out of the gate the techno and breakbeat Geomantik from Prana is delicious with it's percussive rhythms. Next is an underrated Doof track that shimmers brilliantly as he twists that cutoff knob. It doesn't go in a lot of directions, but it hits pretty hard. The Black Thunder Mix of the Rezwalker is an absolute classic combining power, mystery, and nimble leads perfect for twirling. Great evolution also.

Witchcraft (Chakra & Sandman) only made a few tracks and I think this is perhaps the best one. It's rapid and jerks you by the collar with nary a slowdown. I never cared for the lead in the track Overture so I skip it and move right to on to Joy to accrue some...joy. Another classic beginning with that tell tale breakbeat and then establishing dominance after the break. Powerful climax. And let's face it those are the best kind.

The last two are nowhere near as good as the others and it leaves me wondering how they made it on this disc. Perhaps to showcase their variety as a label. Who knows, but irregardless this is a wonderful compilation of goa trance that I highly recommend picking up. Matsuri had so many great tracks so I would've replaced a few, but hey that's personal preference. By the way the artwork on the inside and the outside of the Japanese version is top notch.

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