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Guest Zeus Class

Adrenalin Drum - Engine

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Hmmmm... Well, my review is in Isratrance, so no point posting here too. But

just to let you ppl know that if you like mind challenging music composed of

noises in a really amazing way, you must check track 4, that a long with T7,

and the cooperation with Wizzy are really good ones, and for sure the best


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Guest Zeus Class   
Guest Zeus Class

Adrenalin Drum - Engine


Posted Image


Artist: Adrenalin Drum

Title: Engine

Label: Out of Orion

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 7'52" 131 Lords

02. 8'02" Electric Desert

03. 7'46" Tears of Knowledge

04. 8'14" Thousand Islands

05. 8'36" The Maze

06. 9'14" Adrenalindrum vs Wizzynoise

07. 7'37" Magic Woods

08. 9'10" Tripomatic (Remix UK)




Full on without being full. A minimal kind of full on. More emphasis on the

beat and periodic sounds. The trax commenly have fast baslines (1/16 or 2x

of that even) A part of the new wave of psytrance which i characerize as

more 'futureistic'... and cocky... where as older acts added samples of gay

happiness (gay as in happy not homosexuality) newer stuff is more

forceful...proud.. and cocky in a sense .... This is similar to psyside...

Origins comp, Hyper frequenices... Neromoter... etc...(1) "131 Lords"

(~140bpm) I suspect most will like....fast baselines... Indeed sounds quite

good untill the rediculously long sample from some karate movie comes into

play... it's kinda cool in a way ... perhaps this is an attempt at the

immortal "Samurai" by Juno Reactor... anyway, 8/10 untill the ovely long

sample... which takes it to a staggering 4/10 in my book... This track would

be allot better if the samples were about 1/10th the length... it interrupts

a would be a good track. Not to mention it having it's own music in the

background ...(2) "Electric Desert" (~145bpm) fast baselines as well :)...

yet samples continue ... starts out with another sample from the overly

sampled "Matrix" movie. This about does it for the Matrix, at first it was

cool (MFG) NOW it's annyoing.... stop please. furthermore, I must mention

the fact that these samples are just random... the title of the track is

"Electric Desert" but then many of the rest of the samples have nothing to

do with the desert theme... the only reoccuring theme here is 'samples from

the hollywood matrix movie' ... 4/10 ...(3) "Tears of Knowledge" (~150bpm)

This is much better. we've gota allot of percussion insturments this track.

And at some points a odd sounding flute appears. Not to mention many strange

'doppler effect' like sounds. Has some crude melodies every now and then....

And finnaly a very nice syth line comes in which is then followed by

synthetic water droplet sound that is arranged to create a goa sounding

melody. This one will make u bounce. 7/10 ...(4) "Thousand Islands"

(~145bpm) Starts immediatly with a beat (never approved of here) but after a

moment the fast baseline comes in. the track is goin well untill finnaly

another "Matrix" sample arrives... Afterwards it gets simply embarrising...

some odd sounding person is rambeling on about somthing... it really sounds

like some cocky happy hardcore rave sample... this sample is looped and

finnaly at the very end is a explicitive... which is very depressing to hear

in any kind of psy/goa. Very cocky... The track continues with just allot of

'trippy' sounds and occasional moans... finnaly ends with another sample and

it's done... pointless and irritating 1/100 ...(5) "The Maze" (~150bpm) This

is similar to track 3, buzzing fast baseline, occasional long atmospheric

sounds that we all love trance for... sounds almost emotional. Very nice

here. one of the best 8/10 ...(6) "Adrenalindrum v/s Wizzynoise" (~140bpm)

again fast baselines! :) lots of scratchy sounding 3d Vision style sounds.

Very full. And of course full on. The synth almost overheats here, it's

working overtime (very abrasive). Not my style personally... BUT I know it's

well done. Oscillating hard synth lines. At some points hints of a melody...

7/10 ...(7) "Magic Woods" (~136bpm) Starts with many distorted voices. One

may imagine being inside a hauted forest or spaceship, the melodys are very

eerie and mood is deeply haunted and unearthly ....very very *terrific*

(terrific is a perfect word for this track) This is the best track 9/10

...(8) "Tripomatic Remix UK" (~138bpm) This track has 1/2 of a fast

baseline, by that i mean: instead of 4 16th notes in between beats it has 2

16th notes in between. This sounds very bouncy. Aside from that are some

atmospheric bangs and buzzing synth lines, quietly oscillating up and down.

Pretty boring in my opinion, doesn't have the blanket of pulseating bass

thats so nice in earlier tracks. It finnaly ends with indecipherable sample

that was obviously taken from a movie; as the cinimatic music can be

heard.... this sample is very unprofessional. 6/10 ...Overall definatly

worth a listen. You may like it. I only like trax 3,5,6,7 ... 8 is

acceptable... worst track: 4. 131 Lords could use a good ol' remix... But

the majority is good. Average comes to 56.2625% as a whole album.

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Guest Zeus Class   
Guest Zeus Class

I've just realized that this last track Tripomatic remix uk has all the sounds

of a cowboy shootout. The baseline being a galloping horse, the bangs being

gunfire (they sound exactly like gunfire from an old western) which are also

further complemented with clip reload sounds. Finnaly there are sounds of a

whip cracking.... I'd say This WOULD be creative if it hadn't already been

done... which makes it just a simple attempt at Juno Reactor's Pistolero

track. And, Pistolero wasn't ever remotly psytrance or goa in the first


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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, Ca   
Guest Jason - Los Angeles, Ca

No good. Disapointed. I hate to put artist down, but this does nothing for me.

The only decent ones in my opinion are 2,3 and 6, but they are definitely not

must haves, so pass if you can. There is so much better stuff out right now.

No need to try this one.

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Guest [Anonymous]   
Guest [Anonymous]

This stuff is heavy !!! The album is very psychodelic and the sounds are very

low, low bass, heavy drumbass, killing beats. If you love hardtrance - this is

the album. 8/10

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Guest [Anonymous]   
Guest [Anonymous]

Very good, very minimal with a lot of crazy, psicodelic and progresive sounds,

very nice work, this one goes for the people who like to trip with strange

noise, with distortioned melodies and organic noises IMO.

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seraph    14

Good but nothing spectacular...It tends to get a bit too much at some stages,

like way too minimal for Har Ell..Some songs have some melodies and that is

quite nice...Best on album : ELECTRIC DESERT, TEARS OF KNOWLEDGE, THE MAZE (

! ), MAGIC WOODS...7/10

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Trance2MoveU    372

As the gigantic project to thin out my music collection continues, I come across this. I have zero experience with Adrenalin Drum so I went into this with a wide open mind because the reviews were all over the place. I see that Mr. California Sunshine is one of the minds behind the project.


Oh boy.


I think it's important to take the date when this was made into context. The early part of the millennium was a dark time with an almost absence of melody and track evolution. In 2002 we were still a few years away from seeing the resurgence. So based on that and the technology for music production at the time, I guess you could say this doesn't hold up well. Is the fault of the artist or the time period? You can make an argument for both, but let's be honest. When was the last time you heard a Har-El track that floored you?


131 Lords is a rumbling mess of minimal and darkpsy and felt like someone was banging my head against a wall for almost 8 minutes. It got better with the eerie Electric Desert as a skittering lead cut across the sky like a hot knife through butter and there was even some goa sharpness in Tears of Knowledge. However you could really tell how sparse the tracks sounded compared to a lot of the music of today. Many of them were downright boring and wait for it...minimal. Wizzdrum was slightly moving, but a couple of ok tracks does not a good album make. I would say that this engine could use an overhaul.


So if I could, I would swat Michael J Fox's Parkinson's medication out of his hand and while he was distracted jump into the DeLorean and go back to 2002. When I found Har-El I would tell him I'm from the future and plead with him not to do this. It won't hold up. But then he would start crying and I would feel bad. So I would tell him to bet everything he had on the Giants in last years Superbowl.


See. First I'm sour. Then I'm sweet.


Posted Image

"I f*cked you up Har-El. F*cked you up."



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