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Ollie Olsen - Emptiness

Guest Narff[at]goatrance[dot]com

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a complete cd full of wwwwoooooooooô bzzzzzzzzzzzzz mmmmhhhhhhhhh without

anythig that looks like music. any sample cd would be enough to do

this...emptiness. you get down under by listening to those sounds. in other

words, this is very bad.

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Guest Narff[at]goatrance[dot]com

Ollie Olsen - Emptiness


Artist: Ollie Olsen

Title: Emptiness

Label: Psy-Harmonics

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 00-01-25

02. 00-09-26

03. 00-12-34

04. 00-21-34

05. 00-23-31

06. 00-31-57

07. 00-32-51

08. 00-34-50

09. 00-37-00

10. 00-49-06




Holy shit this is the darkest ambient i have ever heard.

The album reminds me a lot at the end track from the movie "apocalypse now"

which also was a very dark ambient track.

After hearing the whole cd you want to jump out of the window so depressing is

this album.

It's like ollie olsen makes your bad moods "hearable" !

Sounds stupid , but i have no clue how i should discribe it.

I can not say that this album is beautiful but it's interesting.

It gets a 9/10 from me.

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Guest snowvision[at]hotmail[dot]com

yes, this cd is weird and challenging, but i wouldn't expect any less from

psy-harmonics. this is outstanding chilled-out landscapes. ollie demonstrates

his audio mastery by stretching sound to unconventional territories, from

dark, dis-harmony to total relaxation, without any drums, rolling bassliness

or samples. it's designed to fit your own personel rythm. sounds strange? it

is. and i never heard ANY sample cd that sounds like this. well, i never

heard any CD like this, either. completly new and high-end production, it's

not for everybody, but i have to reconmend it. i love it.

keep it interesting.


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  • 9 months later...

ahem... whoever says that this is original is forgetting that a certain Aphex

Twin released Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 a few years ago... This is EXACTLY

how it sounds: arythmic ambiant with very "spooky" noises BUT IMO this is

better than master Richard D. James!! I say this maily because the songs,

although composed of a lot of loops have more progression and are more complex

than most of the tracks on Selcted Ambient Works. So bottom line: if you liked

SAW vol.2 by Aphex Twin, this is a must for you, if you never really digged

Richard James, then you'd better stay away from this one as well... I give it

6/10: better than SAW 2, but not really my cup of tea...

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  • 14 years later...

Good release IMO. I feel that this entire album could be used in some middle age war soundtrack, with the dark/mysterious atmosphere. Or even some person jumping out a window?

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