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Cosmoon - Damnation Generation

Guest DJ Psy604

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Guest DJ Psy604

Cosmoon - Damnation Generation


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Artist: Cosmoon

Title: Damnation Generation

Label: BooM!

Date: 2001


Track listing:


01. 8'12" LSD in 1960

02. 7'02" I am a Freak

03. 8'49" Illustrated Children

04. 9'31" Just Legalize It

05. 7'02" Damnation Generation

06. 7'40" Psygothic Personalities

07. 6'34" Go Deeper

08. 7'56" Pitter Patter

09. 8'23" 23,7




Full-on stuff from Sterman and co!!! I just own this one so I don't know how

they work on other people. But for me it works!!! Most songs have many acids

and nice vocals in it and song 2 is a killer track with guitars.

It's not my favorite style of psytrance, but I still like it and I like it more

than the most stuff that is comming out nowadays.

Maybe there is missing a real "goa kick", the kick is not so clear as I would

like it! But hey, thats my opinion. The bass is most of the times nice and the

other samples are also good.

I think most of the minimal haters will love this album, this is certainly NO


Anyway runn to your shop and buy it, before it's to late!!!

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Guest transwave[at]shaolin[dot]com

Jesus H you two have got to clean out your crack pipes. Its nothing but a

hodge podge of sounds somehow glued together. Sounds are consistently put

together but there is absolutely NO CREATIVITY. I find this rather borring,

un creative and evidential that the art in goa is dying. Its nice to see

people know how to tweak and turn knobs but where is this going? - 3/10

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Guest freak[at]freakybob[dot]co[dot]uk

as printed in upfront magazine march/april 2002:

Title: Damnation Generation

Artist: Cosmoon

Label: Boom! Records

BooM! Records established stable stalwarts Cosmoon do not disappoint us with

their latest artist album offering ?Damnation Generation?. It is a melodic

journey into the sublime world of the psychedelic where shadowy figures haunt

the darkened corners ready to strike a guitar power chord at any given moment.

freaky bob

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Guest kadafi

i don't know what their first album sounded like, but this one doesn't have

much meaning for me... T1 is the only good one... the rest of the alb has

sounds that don't fit together (the screeming guitar in T2= bjukkk and T6=

thanx for giving me a headache, T6= stupid...), or it sounds way too

unimaginative with lack of constructionskills... i'll stop criticising here...

I don't like this one... 3/10

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Guest kadafi

btw.. There must have been made a mistake in the tracklisting: track 8 "Pitter

Patter" has the voicesample "Go Deeper", which is the name of the title of

track 7... so i assume 7 and 8 got swiched somehow?!

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Guest transphere

cool stuff, I like it a lot... dark, acid, nice basslines and great rythm...

Best track: Just Legalize It. FV 8/10

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