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V/A - The Colours Of Shiva 1


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V/A - The Colours Of Shiva 1


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Artist: Various

Title: The Colours Of Shiva 1

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1 : TIP Yellow

01. 05'30" The Infinity Project : Stimuli

02. 07'34" Doof : Let's Turn On

03. 06'19" Slinky Wizard : Lunar Juice

04. 07'00" Man With No Name : Teleport

05. 05'26" Voodoo People : Drop The Bomb

06. 06'28" The Infinity Project : Oscillator

07. 09'15" Total Eclipse : Waiting For A New Life

08. 09'51" Hallucinogen : Shamanix

09. 06'13" The Infinity Project : Uforica

10. 06'50" Space Tribe : Machine Elf

11. 07'18" Mandra Gora : Everything's Going Fine


CD 2 : TIP Orange

01. 06'24" Doof : Mars Needs Women

02. 07'57" Green Nuns Of The Revolution : Conflict

03. 08'52" Astral Projection : Let There Be Light

04. 07'29" Total Eclipse : A Little Bit Of Heaven

05. 07'17" Psychaos : Intellect

06. 07'25" Hallucinogen : Angelic Particles

07. 05'38" The Infinity Project : Alien Airport

08. 07'22" Einstein : Einstein's Nitelife

09. 06'19" Voodoo People : People Are Strange

10. 07'52" Voodoof : Thru




The BEST Double CD Compilation I own ! It groups the well-known TIP Yellow and

Orange ! Best Tracks are CD1 Track 8 and CD2 Tracks 3,5,6 ! Bad Tracks are CD1

Track 11 and CD2 Tracks 1,2,4,8 ... Rating : 8.5/10

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Very good compilation !

CD 1 : Shamanix, Teleport and Waiting for a new Life are the best tracks. The

Infinity Project tracks and the Doof track are also quite good.

CD 2 : Let There Be Light, Intellect and Angelic Particles are the best tracks,

I also like A little bit of Heaven, and Einstein's Nitelife is the only bad


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CD1 [Tip Yellow] is an excellent disc for its time (originally released in

1994). Teleport and Oscillator still fit well into a tasty/cheesy Goa set.

Lunar Juice and Shamanix are of course classic timeless tracks. CD2 is Tip

Orange (1996): Mars Needs Women, Angelic Particles and Let There Be Light are

all very good tracks - especially Angelic Particles. Otherwise TIP Orange was

not my favourite comp, a lot of strained poor attempts. Overall the comp is

worth it for the 1st disc, if only for the nostalgic appeal.

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Guest Ehsanur

Wow! A great,but familiar compiliation with old goodies

of goa :-) I can't decide the favorite track but it has to be either "Waiting

for a new life" or " Angelic Particles" (WOW!!!!!!). I can't hide my passion

for the frenchies and the dude from UK, and I think "Angelic Particles" is the

best Hallucinogen song (not necessarily the best Posford song ever) but this

track has got everything, its basically burning hot! "Waiting for a new life"

is also beautiful, so pure, so genuine it justs make me cry. Doof has got some

nice tracks here as well (Mars needs Women is way cool)and I appreciate the

contribution by the Infinity-crew,and as hard as it for me to say: Teleport is

not horrible ;-). Oh yeah,AP makes the second disc too fucking

nostalgic-:Brings back a lot of memories this compiliation,yes it does. 10/10

(Dont mind the bad tunes here). Bom Shankar


Eshanti Brahman

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Extremely good compilation..one of my favourites...ALL songs are great and

classics...Top quality in GOA trance genre...MY favourites are: STIMULI, LET'S




AIRPORT, THRU....REal classic !!! 11/10

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Guest Andrzej

The Yellow Compilation is an extraordinary CD, so it deserves an extraordinary

review. Here goes? Psychedelic Trance (and Ambient) is the pinnacle of

electronic music, and The Yellow Compilation is the pinnacle of Psychedelic

Trance. The Yellow Compilation is the first purely Psychedelic Trance CD I

bought about 5 years ago. Nothing yet has surpassed this CD and probably

nothing ever will? It does seem to me that the best Psychedelic Trance has

already been made; in the mid to late 90?s. This is simply the most ?Goa?

sounding CD there is in existence, with every song being near perfect. Just

take a look at the track listing. It is simply a who?s who of the original Goa

Trance artists; the pioneers?



My rating system is: 5: Excellent, 4.5: Very Good, 4: Good, 3.5: Above Average,

3: Average, 2.5: Below Average, 2: Bad, 1.5: Very Bad, 1: Crap. Why must I be

so different?



Track 1: The Infinity Project: Stimuli (Raja Ram Rothfield, Graham Wood, with

Simon Posford). This is the single that launched TIP Records (along with

Uforica). Remixes of this are on the Perfecto Fluoro label. This song is the

best Goa Trance track in history I believe. This track perfectly defines the

genre in my opinion. If anyone asks you; ?What is Goa Trance??, just play them

this track. All parts of the track are very strong. It?s filled with a strong

bassline, uplifting colourful driving synth patterns, squelchy, spacey pads,

and interesting samples; Goa Trance to a tea! I don?t even mind the drug

sample at the start. Perfect! It is only a pity it isn?t longer. 5: Excellent.



Track 2: Doof: Let?s Turn On (Nick Barber, with Simon Posford): This is also

one of the best songs I have ever heard. It features one of the best

introductions I?ve ever heard with that beautiful pad and vox-type synth. The

shifting ambient break in the middle of the song with the strange garbled

voices is one of the most floaty and trippy bits of music I?ve ever heard; it

really feels like you are on a voyage. The rest of the song is complicated

twinkly-type trance. 5: Excellent.



Track 3: Slinky Wizard: Lunar Juice (A. Boyd, D. Lamb, G. Barker, R. Biggs?,

with Simon Posford). This is also a great track with definitely that unique

Goa sound. There are lots of intricate things going on in this track, which

are all very mesmerising. What more can I give. 5: Excellent.



Track 4: Man With No Name: Teleport (Martin Freeland). The name Man With No

Name is supposed to be a bit of a joke about Techno; the faceless,

unidentifiable entity behind the machines producing quality music hidden away

in a studio. Quite possibly, this may be the first Goa track I ever heard. I

don?t know why, but I never seem to play this track for some reason. But

still, it is a classic and the best Man With No Name track. Maybe I will start

playing it more often. A remix I once heard sounded even better! I don?t know

the name of the remix though, but it may have been on the Perfecto Fluoro

label 4.5: Very Good.



Track 5: Voodoo People: Drop The Bomb (Paul Jackson). A nice bass synth is the

core of this track, smattered with hi-hats and claps. Very simple, yet very

satisfying. I believe it is also on the album Genetic: We Are... Genetic,

which is of course also Paul Jackson. 4.5: Very Good.



Track 6: The Infinity Project: Stimuli (Raja Ram Rothfield, Graham Wood, with

Simon Posford). This is yet another track from The Infinity Project that is

simply defines Goa Trance. There are many beautiful melodies and patterns in

this track. 5: Excellent.



Track 7: Total Eclipse: Waiting For A New Life (Serge Souque, Loic Van Pouke?,

Stephane Holweck?). This track is just stunning from beginning to end. What

more can one say about this track? 5: Excellent.



Track 8: Hallucinogen: Shamanix (Simon Posford). Maybe this is a bit too

chaotic and harsh at times. But within the chaos there are some stunning bits

of music. Some of the melodies are reminiscent of Celtic melodies maybe?

Someone once said a souped up version of Riverdance! About three quarters

through the track there is maybe the best melody I have ever heard in a track.

4.5: Very Good.



Track 9: The Infinity Project: Uforica (Raja Ram Rothfield, Graham Wood, with

Simon Posford). This track is full of glorious overlapping synth patterns and

arpeggios. This track yet again defines Goa Trance. Maybe these 3 tracks by

the Infinity Project are their best tracks (along with Squidgy Atomica). Maybe

Simon Posford should have collaborated with Ram and Wood more often when

producing full-on Goa Trance. I believe The Answer is The Infinity Project?s

best Ambient track by the way. It seems that not enough people respect and

acknowledge The Infinity Project?s contribution to Psy-Trance. They were there

from the very beginning. When The Infinity Project ended and Graham and Raja

went their separate ways, maybe the true sound of Goa died. Also, there would

be no Shpongle if it weren?t for The Infinity Project. Any true Goa fan must

bow and pay tribute to them. 5: Excellent.



Track 10: Space Tribe: Machine Elf (Olli Wisdom, with Simon Posford). For what

I have heard from him, Space Tribe has produced better music in collaboration

with other artists e.g. Geo-Matrix, In The Hands Of The Shaman, Nuclear

Fission Chips, and of course this track which is simply the best Space Tribe

track, and one of the best tracks ever. Deep, hypnotic and perfect. 5:




Track 11: Mandra Gora: Everything?s Going Fine (Johann Bley, Andreas Roll). One

of the three Mandra Gora tracks by Johann Bley who is of course a member of

Juno Reactor. Mandra Gora seems like a very Indian name that suits Goa Trance.

It is the name of a plant that has magical powers, as the roots look like a

person. This track is also excellent. There are many parts of this song. It?s

like an adventure, a journey. This is what Psy-Trance is supposed to be?

Another perfect song in an almost perfect compilation. 5: Excellent.


The Yellow Compilation: Overall: 4.86/5: Excellent. My highest ranked album.


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