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Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite


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Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite


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Artist: Juno Reactor

Title: Beyond The Infinite

Label: Blue Room

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. 07'11" Guardian Angel

02. 08'08" Magnetic

03. 07'03" Ice Cube

04. 07'39" Feel The Universe

05. 06'54" Razorback

06. 08'17" Samurai

07. 06'36" Silver

08. 08'19" Rotorblade

09. 07'10" Mars




More psychedelic than Bible Of Dreams, this album has 2 quite good Tracks,

Track 2 and 3,

but other Tracks aren't awesome in my opinion ... I precise I don't like Juno

Reactor's style that much, so if you like Juno Reactor

there is many chances that you like this album :-)

Rating : 4.5/10

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Guest Stathis_gti

I dont own this album but i have the single of Guardian Angel (track 1).This

track is the history of trance for me.Fast and kicking,with very good bass

lines,and trippy samples that makes you lost in space.But this must be a great

album because because of that, JunoReactor became very famous (They used to

come all the time here in Greece for DJ sets and live PA's).

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I like this album a lot, because Juno Reactor has a very full, distinctive

sound with samples and melodies that you don't hear elsewhere. Not classic

Goa, but if you're a little open-minded, try it. Every tracks are great, but

my favorites are Feel the universe, Mars and Ice Cube.

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Guest djonanis[at]hotmail[dot]com

This is a very nice and well done material. I must say that I dislike the art

work, but the tracks on it are amazing, chek out the 7th track, it is really

good for the morning. (I remember when I put it in a party in cuauhtla an guy

robert came closer and asked me with an attonishing semblant what is this? and

when I said jr he could not believe it). Children, I siggest you to listen

this album carefully again. 9/10

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Guest gilbreathfamily[at]worldnet[dot]

Imagination, use it as a weapon...

they certainly have. Simply the

best trance album ever made!

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Guest ir0nm0nk3y

Very different from a lot of most psy/goa trance but, it is just so good. When

I listen to this I truly can "feel the universe functioning". It has the

perfect balance of energy, walking the line between smooth and frenetic. A

must have. 10/10.

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Guest [Anonymous]

Sitting down to listen to this album... I started getting some twinges of

deja-vu. I heard Bible of Dreams first - by the end of BTI I had found many

parallels between it and Juno's newer release. The pounding, provocative

opening track "Guardian Angel" did almost as good a job as Jardin De Cecile

(and is just as memorable), the pounding "jungle" feel of Razorback instantly

made me think "Congafury!" BTI isn't quite as "developed" as Bible, but that

isn't suprising, and certainly doesn't stop it from containing some of Junos'

better material. But overall - and this applies with Bible also - I just

can't get into this album. One thing puts me off:


It happens a lot earlier with BoD, but not until later on with BTI - further

into it. Distorted Guitar. *sigh* Perhaps I _am_ slightly biased, yes - I

can't stand the sound, I have to put up with it surrounded as I am, here in

the UK, by arseheads that actually enjoy Indie. But I make no apologies for

this: guitars and trance Do Not Mix For Gods Sake. On Bible, when it first

reared its ugly head on Swamp Thing, I almost chucked the case out the

window... it practically ruined the album for me! Typical then it should do

the same with Rotorblade.


Both Juno and Infected Mushroom (only marred Gathering slightly, almost

completely ruined Classical) need to take a page from Simon Posford's book.

With the exception of the above average Shpongle releases, he really does know

how to make decent trance.

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Guest Snow Dog

Granted, this album may not be for

everyone, but for me it defines

Goa Trance. It is a landmark in

the scene and I hope every Goa fan

has the opportunity to hear it at

least once.

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Guest slinker

an absolutely landmark album in every sense, the distinctive juno reactor sound

is always welcome in my CD player..some stomping tracks and breaks mixed up

and served on a golden platter...with some mellow moments to round it off.

Simply breathtaking...and certainly for its time astonishing!! you have to

hear it and appreciate it.....9/10

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Guest Ravemail10

I can't add anything new to this review except that "Feel the universe" is in

my opinion a distinct masterpiece and may well be the best psytrance track

ever made! 9/10 for the album, because it's THAT GOOD. As to electric guitars

in trance - as long as it applies (like in this album) go right ahead and put

them in. SUN Project is really nice, for example. Semsis is really bad, for

example. I don't understand how that dude above me can say IM ruined

"Classical Mushroom", it's an amazing cd. Guitars + Psychedelia = Beautiful,

Hard Music. Bom! - Raven

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  • 4 months later...

I can't believe that review above where the guy says that ONE song with

distorted guitars ruined the album for him... Anyway I love guitars and I

totally support the idea of mixing genres.

Oh and my review: this is one of the best trance albums I own. If you like it

and wonder how more energy could be added to the tracks, I suggest you take a

listen to Koxbox remox of Feel The Universe on the Samurai EP. 10/10

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Guest ir0nm0nk3y

Although this is one of the first albums I bought when I discovered psy/goa it

remains one of my favorites. A lot of people do not like to classify Juno

Reactor as psy/goa but, whatever you want to call it this is a great album.

They manage to mix frenetic energy with a smooth, ethereal flow. Guardian

Angel, Feel the Universe, Silver and, my favorite, Rotorblade. If you enjoy

electronic music of any kind you really should get this album.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Lord have mercy! Guardian Angel is fucking awesome! I love that track so much.

It's so powerful and energic and crazy! Listen to this at night, really loud!

The voices make me go insane..." If you want anything, anything at all...I am

your Guardian Angel." Ahhhhhahahaha, I love it! Wow. Magnetic

is a very good track. I like how it gradually builds from ambient into a,

solid and danceable piece of work. I've heard, Feel the Universe over twenty

times and I still like it. Ice Cube is very cool. Silver is excellent.

There are no bad tracks on this album. Some tracks are decent or good

at the least, but for the most part, this album rocks! Juno Reactor's style has

always been very different and unique, as opposed to your typical psytrance. I

don't know how I would classify this style of music, other then to say a very

cool, unique, melodic (sometimes dark) techno/trance that gets pretty psychedelic at

times. This album is much more powerful and adrenaline pumping then their

previous albums, although JR-Shango has some powerful tracks as well. Beyond the

Infinite is my favorite of their four albums to date. I can understand if

someone does not like this style. It is not very different and

there is more dialogue (silver) than on your usual Psy influenced cd.


8.9 out of 10.

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Guest djcpr[at]hotmail[dot]com

I'm glad most people like this album as much as I do. When I was really

starting to get into electronic music I got this album, and it proved to me at

the time that there was a world of music for me to explore. Now 5 years later

this album still stands in front of me as a milestone in electronic music and

psytrance. Definatel one to listen to if you haven't already. 10/10

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Guest per1sh[at]home[dot]com

ok...people bitching about the guitar in this album need to have their skulled

pried open. mr. watkins doesn't feel the need make his music according to

your retarded ideas of what is and isn't allowed in goa. you can be a bitch

and say that "it's not real goa". so be it. it's not real goa. and it beats

the shit out of most of awful mindless boring goa i hear.

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Guest kidro102[at]hotmail[dot]com

Probably the best trance song or song of any genre I have ever heard in

Guardian angel, the rest of the album is nearly as good and is a step beyond

anything released since. 10/10

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What suprise me at a first listen to this, is the sort of mature sound it

delivers for being from 96. I believe this must have almost been the only real

psy/goa trance sounds emenating from the 96 trance scene... and it does indeed

deliver mindsweeping, and mindblowing tunes which is arranged very good. Opens

with Guardian Angel, a psychedelic twisted tune who is going to be literally

forcing everyone in it's near vicinity to get up on their feets and start

jumpin'. Goes on with magnetic, a little more dreamy tune but still sustains

that real heavy beat. Then we have of course ice cube, which moves quite slow,

but has the nice beat pumpin effects and melodic sequences... and the cd just

keeps on getting more massive and more heavier all the time. This is one hell

of a masterfully composed piece of art... 9/10

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  • 3 weeks later...

ROTORBLADE is my personal no.1 ever... the atmosphere is incredibly dark and

mysterious, it's something you'd hear in a apocalyptic futuristic movie or

something :)

The bass is strong but not too heavy... the bass and beat are very repetetive

but they fit perfectly with the cool and rich effects... and the spacy flute

melody makes it all perfect... this is a modern masterpiece, music of the

future! If only i could find more electronic music of this quality :)

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