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V/A - Astral Trance 1

Guest Trancers303

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Guest Trancers303

V/A - Astral Trance 1


Artist: Various

Title: Astral Trance 1

Label: Eros

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 08'26" Kailum : Karina

02. 09'36" Elysium : Yamaya

03. 06'40" Shidapu : Paradise (Tribal Rmx)

04. 07'43" Astral Projection And MFG : The Sleeper Must Awake

05. 07'13" Mystica : Ethnic Treasures

06. 07'40" MFG : Peaceful Relaxation

07. 09'57" Etnica : Vimana

08. 08'37" Miko And Har-Ell : Alala (Rmx)

09. 07'18" Ubar Tmar : Eternal Return




This cd is from Greece(I think the best one ever). We have only

good tracks here. Start with Karina, pretty average track. Second one is

nice. Good melody and nice atmosphere. Track 3 is one of Erez best tracks

under the name Shidapu. Pure Joy(many of you will think its old but I like

the old Goa-sound)...Anyway track 4 is pretty nice, but Astral have done

better tracks. Track 5 kicks ass!Track 6 is also a great track. Most of you

must have heard it on MFG:s second album New Kind of World. Very relaxed :)

Then we have track 7 which is probably one of the best in psy trance

history. Etnica shows that they are the Gods of psytrance!!!!(The whole Cd

is worth buying just for this track). Track 8 is pretty good expept for the

stupid sample..better then the original..last track is just anoying...Anyway

this is a nice cd...If you find it, buy it!!!8/10

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Personally I couldn't care less whether the stuff is new or old, as long as it

sounds good. I don't have this album, but I know almost all of the tracks, and

based on that I can say that is quality stuff. Old goa is best!

New albums come and go, old classics stay.

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An easier way to get Vimana is the cdsingle "plastic", label Blue Room. Which

has also the song plastic, very good too.

Vimana is the best Etnica track ever !

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Guest Ehsanur

Sounds dated ? Ok,not a surprise and most of the songs made today will

eventually sound dated. But as many have pointed out earlier, it has to offer

some great tracks which are timeless. I first downloaded "Vimana" from

Crapster and thought it was a new Etnica song. What a fucking mindblower!!!

Awesome!! And it doesn't sound dated to me...no no. The other great song is

the classic from MFG. Totally nice and what a good ambassador for israeli

trance back in 97. Overall a good cd except Mystica which I think is should be

hidden for the new entry people into the psychedelic sphere (bad!). And yes,

Vimana is one of Etnicas best tracks ever, but still..."Mind Altering Drugs"

is the best! By the way ,there is no point in buying this cd unless u want

"Vimana" bad, cause you'll find most of the tracks on other cd's asuming that

you did listen to uplifting trance four years ago. 8/10 (just because of

Vimana and Peaceful Relaxation).


Bom bolenat


Eshanti Brahman

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Guest pralien[at]shpongle[dot]com

Really cute compilation. some stunning tracks like sleeper must awake,peacful

relaxation,ethnic trasures, eternal return... first two don't belong on this



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Guest liquid[at]lsd[dot]gr

i will agree with the guys above that consider "Vimana" as the best etnica

ever!!i will never get bored listening to that incredible track!!"peaceful

relaxation" is propably the best mfg track and a personal favourite.i just

adore those days...

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Guest stelium

'YAMAYA' is so nice, with its great melodies and mystic atmospheres. 'the

sleeper must awake' is really good.

Of course the best is the powerful VIMANA.

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Guest thanosmusic[at]hotmail[dot]com

propably the best greek compilation ever. well known artists, super songs and

compiled by G. staikos.watch out for his album under the name L.O.S.10/10

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Extremely good compilation....Stunning choice of songs, all being melodic and

absolutely great ! They are all extremely good but the special ones are


VIMANA, ALALA...ETERNAL RETURN is good too but the ones I mentioned are truly

classics !...10/10

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Astral Projection + Mfg - The Sleeper Must Awake..... Is this just a pretty nice track???? Are you sure?? Have you ever listened this track carefully???

It's one of the historic tracks ever...! The perfect combination of these perfect groups...!

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