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XIS - Ambient Trip


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Guest gizmo

this is one of the best ambientalbums in my collection I have. When I've

listened to it I couldn't believe that this guys could produce this wonderful

experience. 100% original prduction, full of relaxing melodic compositions. I

can hear this music & feel it. Definetly 10/10

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XIS - Ambient Trip


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Artist: XIS

Title: Ambient Trip

Label: Nephilim

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'42" Daydream

02. 07'33" Electric Asylum

03. 06'54" Space Actor

04. 07'14" Living In A Dream

05. 08'13" Eyes Wide Open

06. 07'26" Fata Morgana

07. 05'54" Return Of The Light

08. 07'27" Rain Of Sold

09. 05'34" The Waves Of The Fusion

10. 05'18" Moon Clowd

11. 05'22" Sun Walker




Ambient trip ? Don't be dissapointed if you put your ears on

it for the first time . The tracks appear in a smooth and

groovy manner but they seem to be a bit too repetetive and,

how to say, in a way not very outstanding...but it really

works, although the album is not mixed and every song stands

for its own, an intense flow is created. Starting with the

soft and calm daydream the music tends towards a more deeper,

almost "antidotal " atmosphere until it speeds up and shakes

you in track 7 with a rough d&b-like beat and finally leads

you to the last track which gives the trip a cheesy-funky ending.

Considering melodies every track is a little earcatcher and

the tunes are nice and are kept in the background in a

positive way. Almost every track is accompanied by breaked

beats without experiments to be started, the time is mostly


I rate 7/10 although I personally like more weird ambient. To

sum it up, don't expect groaning didges, mystic chants and

indian pipes but a groovy, thought through and mind-lifting

journey. Ambient Trip is moving relaxation not L.S.D.

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Xploring. Inner. Space.


Yeah...more like exploring the backs of my eyelids. This is a dated downtempo compilation that is high on repetition and weirdness, but lacks any sufficient panache. It's one of those where the music feels longer than it actually is and not one track stands above the rest. Well, I liked Sun Walker. The beat was hypnotic; clearly that one was made to nod your head. There are some slight goa touches, but they seem thrown in rather than a feature. Makes sense of course, look at the year it was made.


Average stuff.



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