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V/A - All Boundaries Are Illusion


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V/A - All Boundaries Are Illusion


Artist: Various

Title: All Boundaries Are Illusion

Label: 21-3

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 6'36" Tristan : Space Sage

02. 6'10" Factor : Pol Zirkular

03. 6'13" Digitalis : Double Helix

04. 8'19" Eat Static : Elecktro Implant

05. 6'52" D.B.D. : Chaos By Design

06. 9'08" Deviant Electronics : First Machine

07. 5'25" Manmademan : Karmaflage

08. 7'24" Andy Guthrie : Skwirm

09. 6'56" Medicine Drum : Slipstream Dub

10. 7'16" Pan : Adios Amoeba




The first cd from the weird-named 21-3 label. The cd has nice artwork inside

but unfortunately it starts with a psychedelic D'n'B song (not my style) and

gets followed by a regular psy-trance song which is too boring for me. The

Digitalis song is much more powerful Psy-Trance in typical Brittish style

(fast acidic)! Eat Static made chilled D'n'B here and after that we get more

of the same by CBD. Deviant Electronics comes after and what a killer track...

Bouncy bassline and fast acidic melodies. In the middle we have a short d'n'b

influenced break and after that the song continues with some rather fluffy

melodies! The Manmademan track is also very nice morning-style psy-trance

music with some soft guitars and tribal sounds. Completely different of what I

have heard from him! Andy Guthrie is D'n'B again, so let's skip that one.

Medicine Drum made a slow song with some tribal percussion and soft

background-melodies. The cd ends with a soft and chilly d'n'b-like song. B!

uy this cd only if you like Psychedelic mixed with Psy-Trance! 4/10 (because I

don't like D'n'B) Bom!

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Guest eris

Let's not skip the breakbeats and drum'n'bass!what a shame this label isn't

around anymore,as they [along with symbiosis and matsuri]put out some of the

best music[of whatever kind]of the late 1990's.psychedelic dance music doen't

start or end with psytrance[particularly the sort of minimal[non]progressive

crap that passes for trance now]and this cd is a very good introduction to

some more forms of adventurous electronic music that should be incorporated

into parties today to break up the monotony of straight 4/4 rhythms all night

[and morning].ok,so track 2 isn't that great ,but the others are well worth a


[there was also a great follow up compilation called 'elastic', and a 'best

of..' the 21-3 label called 'selected highs'--recommended.

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Guest Tchankov I.V.

All boundaries are illusion but that said there's no conclusion. What we have

here is not that psychedelic - it's psy-trance with some experimentation

involved. And that experimentation is not well-developed here: even Eat Static

& Deviant Electronics tracks were expected to be better then what they are.

Nevertheless, it's good tiny step forward for the time it was released, though

these experiments seem to be formulaeic again when taken by retrospective from

the time we're now in. The new time yields new horizons, new boundaries to

break into - these what we once thought of as our farthest limits are now just

illusion, the territory settled, the untamabale creatures tamed. And no one

cares how "experimental" they were back then for they're not psychedelic

enough now. It's the matter of taste however...And I do like t.7 by Manmademan

for it's flute'n'mood. Ts.1,3,4,8,10 are only decent, the rest, well... 5,5/10

Tchankov I.V. (civ604@mail.ru)

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