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V/A - Adrenalin Take 2

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Afterhourz    0

V/A - Adrenalin Take 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Adrenalin Take 2

Label: Phonokol

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Astral Projection : People Can Fly (Alien Project Rmx)

02. Alien Project : Yofi Carnallis

03. Dynamic : Chemical Groove

04. Saafi Connection And DJ Miko : Abunai

05. Dynamic : Power Drain

06. Dynamic : Future File

07. Panic : Hollow

08. Alien Project : CFU

09. Lish : Control Freak




Well this albus starts of great with AP remix of People Can Fly with a great

build up and climax at the end. 2 and 8 By AP are rather disappointing imo.

But especially Dynamic did it on this cd for me with 3 being my absolute

favorite together with number 6. Sa(a)fi Connection and Dj miko : I just love

that deep bass sound but this one misses something to make it great. PAnic and

Lish are not for me, don't like them, but overall this cd is worth buying . I

give it a 7/10

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Guest Raash   
Guest Raash

Boom! A new release from the holy land... The first track on this cd is pure

crap. Why? Well, I simply didn't like it, the original spirit of People can

fly cannot be copied off that easily. The second is a fully listenable groovy

psytrance track... Nothing special about that one. The third is from a guy I

didn't know until now... Good track, a bit Infected Mushroom inspired. Next

track is nothing special, maybe worth listening to a few minutes. The next

track is also from the Dynamic guy, good track, nice bassline and a good

amount of weird noises. The seventh track has a nice stomp and sharp beat...

Just the way I like it ;) The next track is exactly as all other Lish tracks -

average... Nice beat, good swirling-gms-style-hihats, but there's something

missing... Works good in your headphones but that's it. Well, a pretty good

stomping album in my opinion... I give it 8/10

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Guest Raash   
Guest Raash

Sorry people, seems that I forgot to review some tracks :/ I was doing many

things at the same time when I was writing this review. Please forgive me.

Track no 5 is just as good as the other Dynamic tracks. Nice stomp! :) The

same applies to no 6. The eight track from Alien Project is OK, maybe a little

boring, but listenable. Well, that's it, I apologize for any trouble I may

have caused you :)

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu   
Guest Le Lotus Bleu

The cd is compiled by Oren Kristal & Lior Perlmutter.


The main interest of Adrenalin Take 2 resides in the discovery of the new

israelian band Dynamic (Shay Almakages & Ben Avital) through 3 tracks.


Power Drain done by Shay alone, is the best , a real brainblasting one which

permitts to say that the compilation metits his name, a pure stomper jewel,

awesome !


Chemical Groove is also a nice hopping piece of music with some cool twisted

sounds and this kind of very fashioned autotune also heard on Astrix, Space

Tribe or Sesto Sento?s last productions.


Future File done by Ben alone, reveals itself a bit too flat and therefore

decevant comparing to the 2 others, this one was the unwelcome track. Just 2

tracks from Dynamic would have been necesary i think.


If you?re a fan of the Harcore Blastoff from Psysex, you?ll enjoy Panick ?

Hollow, as Nick Laniado made some collaborations with them on 2 titles

:Hardcore Blastoff & Black Hole. This track looks like to Psysex in his

rythmic & bassline, nevertheless you?ll notice a bit of Panick?s personnality

in the melodic aspect.


Abunai from Safi Connection (Mishel Biton alone here) & Dj Miko is an effective

pumping & jerky stuff with dull tones not very uplifting but surpringly very

effective in comparison with the traditionnal average Spectrum?s productions.


Lish delivers a progressive song, not exactly the kind i personnaly like.


For the rest, all the 3 tracks provided by Alien Project have been released i

believe, either in his last album or in V/A Inside from 3D Vision last spring

and by the way they?re not the attraction of the compilation.


Highlight :6

Nice stuffs :3,4,7


Mark : 6,5/10 (for the discovery of Dynamic)

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Guest Slave2rave   
Guest Slave2rave

Oooohhh my, what's this Lish track? Amaaaaaaaaaazing night progressive tune,

excellent for those moments right after the dusk, when star are beginning to

shine. Progressive lovers, this compil is worth just for this track. /me in

love. =)

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Trance2MoveU    372

"When you dream there are no rules

People can fly, anything can happen
Sometimes there is a moment
As you're awaking but you're still dreaming
You may think you can fly but you better not try"
Perhaps one of the greatest and most used samples in our music, no? Still love it. I sh*t on the music by Alien Project pretty frequently, but his remix appeals to me. Full of power even if it lacks the spirituality of the original. There are parts in some tracks which are worth hearing (like the break beat drums in Abunai) and it's nice to go back and hear some of the music that first introduced me to psytrance. Hollow by Panick is really a great track with some apparent techno influences and C.F.U. by Alien Project was warm in an almost minimal way. That said, it's still a collection of 2002 full-on. Which ironically (and shamefully) was miles more psychedelic than a lot of the full-on that came later.

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