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Dark Nebula - The 8th Sphere

Guest Smarthowie

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Guest Smarthowie

Dark Nebula - The 8th Sphere


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Artist: Dark Nebula

Title: The 8th Sphere

Label: Digital Psionics

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. Magical Energy

02. Dark Nectar

03. No Mercy

04. Cyber Cult

05. Death Star

06. Carbon

07. Machine Of Lum The Mad

08. Book Of Stones

09. Didgeridoodle




Dark Nebula is Luna Orbit from Australia, and he is the owner of the label

Digital Psionics, together witk Luke Psywalker. Luna Orbit`s new album is very

good, he has released many tracks on various compilations, and many variated

tracks, but here we have 7 hard tracks in almost the same style and track 8-9

is a bit different. He often uses samples of voices in his tracks, some are

great and some are not so great.. Anyway, the basslines here are hard and very

pumping, really night-time stuff with crazy psych(O)delic sounds all over.

Track 2, Dark Nectar, has some very heavy guitar-riffs in it, very cool and

rocking. His beats are "flat", if you understand me correct, they make a nice

"clack" sounds, as if you clap you hands together. I like it! Track 5 is one

of the highlights, intro with a sample, and then the hard basslines tells you

what to expect before the beats kicks in. Hard, and it gets even harder in the

middle of the track when he changes the bassline a bit, very pumping track,

play this one Loud! Great! Track 6 & 7 is also my favourites here, vey good

basslines, hard with very psychedlic sounds. Track 8 and 9 is a bit different,

not as crazy as the rest, but two good tracks anyway. Luna Orbit gives us 7

crazy tracks here, and two very good ones, I really enjoyed this album, buy it

if you like the older Dark Nebula, but these tracks are probably a bit harder

than many of his tracks on various compils. My verdict is 9/10 :)

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