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Vestax PCV275

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will this mixer : Vestax PCV275 , be alright to start with? i'm gonna buy myself my very first dj mixer soon.. can't afford more than £300.. that one is £275... so.. go or no? if not.. could any of you experienced guys out there tell me what would be the best for that price?


i don't need no pro stuff.. just to practise and get to know the basics of mixing..








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I have the predecessor, PMC270. It just has different faders, so it's pretty much identical. I like it, but the sound quality obviously isn't as good as Allen & Heath - I'd LOVE to have a Xone:92 but they're more like £1500....


But really, the PMC275 is a nice mixer for that price.

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yeah, the DJM-400 looks pretty good. though it doesn't have the headphone pan for some reason, just like the DJM-500.


you might want to check out the Ecler Nuo3 and Allen & Heath Xone32 as well as Rane 2-channel mixers, all of them as good if not better than the Vestax, imo.

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