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my new goa trance track...

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I'm listening to this right now.


I like the slow BPM, music is so awfully fast these days... Sometimes it's just fun to dance to more peaceful rhythms.


I like the bass mixing, it sounds very smooth & rounded... Also nice vibe, altough it's melodic, it's not too cheesy. Very relaxed sound. And, hmm, portamentoed acid sounds work every time :)

Those stabs remind me of very old MWNN really. And that's good! There's also hints of Har-El in the arpeggios, which is nice too :)


The chord pads could be a bit thicker in the start and middle maybe, when they are the only sounds? Or just overlay some other pads on top maybe.


This some of the best unreleased oldschool trance I've heard for a while, and actually better than some released tracks that are so cheesy they hurt my ears!


Very good. Do you have some other music somewhere available for downloading?

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thanks pepole for your comments...


i am making and old style goa trance,progressive and ambient...


i have some tracks i have made over the last years...


and every week i realise track of my in the site...


so u can check my new track,it is started with piano melody and continue to an ambient groove,and finished with a down tempo goa trance...


u can listen to it in: http://art.o-zen.com/goahead



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