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i got a fever..


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.. and the only prescription is more Goatrance! :D


so, i was wondering/hoping that you people could help me out with some Goa releases that are to come or released already, or artists that I could check out..


also to narrow it down, i would actually like to know about the goa stuff that fits between the years 2003-2005 :)


and to narrow it down even more i'll make a list of artists and releases that i know/have heard/or am waiting for already :)




Unicorn Music, Tranceform, Suntrip, Altitude and Kagdila records are the ones that i'm keeping my eyes on already and also all the artists that release/have released goatrance from those labels..


almost all of my info about "modern" goatrance comes from this forum.. but i am so sure i have missed something and i don't wanna miss a thing :)



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