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Darshan - Duck / Navigator (Phantasm records 1997)


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Darshan - Duck / Navigator (Phantasm records, 1997)

Format : 12"


Posted ImagePosted Image


01 Darshan - Duck

02 Darshan - Navigator



Awesome music from the 2 british guys! Pure psychedelic trance it is! Duck is among the first goa tracks i heard when i was discovering the style, and i still like it very much. Both tracks are fast, Duck is dark and melodic, you can't be bored with it, it's pretty varied and not monotonous at all, you have lots of things happening in the track, several melodies which follow the same formula, and the rhythm is pretty powerful.

Navigator track is less known, i got it on Cybertrance vol.5, and it is, in my opinion, among the most underrated tracks ever made! Both tracks were made in 1997, at that time it was really impressive to hear that kind of music. I even like Navigator more than Duck, the track is very clean, the production is very good, the rhythm is fast and catchy, and like in the Duck track a lot of things happen in the track. You got a dark intro with a very good sample, then the track starts pretty fast. This discrete melody is nice and you can hear lots of crazy and twisted sounds. Contrary to Duck you can hear only one melody in it, a subtle one, but it does not need any more melodies. The samples are perfectly placed, and you have some crazy strident sounds in the track that gives it a psychedelic side.


Terribly good on the whole! Nothing more nothing less.

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