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Cosmic Wedding - Switzerland! July 30-Aug 1

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Cosmic Wedding – Dark Psy Festival

July 30 – August 1, 2005




We invite you to a magical celebration in the green mountains of Switzerland where we will dance for 3 days and 2 nights.


Cosmic Wedding will take you on a mysterious journey into the psychedelic experience lead by worlds most innovative navigators of sound.




Kindzadza (Russia) Live + DJ


Matutero (Devilsmind Records / Greece) Live + DJ


Penta (Auraquake / San Francisco) Live


Jahbo/Meteloids & Grapes of Wrath (Parvati Records / Denmark) Live + DJ


Para Halu (Parvati Records / Hungary) Live


oCeLoT (Dropout Productions / San Francisco) Special 4 CDJs DJ set


Jellyheadz & Dejan (France) Live + DJ


Yab Yum (Peaking Goddess / Switzerland) Live


Drumatik (Peaking Goddess / Switzerland) Live


Digitalist (Switzerland) Live


Olowanpi (Dropout Productions / Switzerland) DJ


Amazing deco by:


Punkadelik (France) www.punkadelik.com


Nils (Switzerland) www.psyberpunk.ch


The gathering will be located in the Southern part of Switzerland, in the canton Tessin.


It is the most beautiful and sunniest part of Switzerland! :)


We will put up the map of the place soon, but here is some info to get you started:

You can fly into anywhere in Switzerland - Basel, Zurich or Geneva - although Geneva is the farthest, but hey - Switzerland is pretty small.


Another good option is to fly into Milano. Locarno is the closest airport, but it is small, so not sure is they have international flights.


If you are coming from the North (Basel,Zurich,Germany) or from Geneva, take the train toward Bellinzona, and from the South toward Lugano.


Here are the approximate times by train:

from Basel – 4 hrs.

from Zurich – 3 hrs.

from Geneva – 6 hrs.

from Milano – 2 hrs.


For train info and schedules: www.sbb.ch


Cheap flights in Europe:








Some local info:

Sightseeing : www.ticino-tourism.ch

Adventure : www.trekking.ch/welcome.asp

Auto Routes: www.finaroute.ch

Maps und General Info : www.map.search.ch


There are no presale tickets.


Do not worry - there is enough space for everyone!!!



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