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Ubar Tmar - True


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I just bought this album and I could describe listening to it as my brain being the ball in an ultra-rapid ping-pong match between two Asians. The sounds are moving in and out, sometimes with a very exotic touch to them, suddenly making you feel like you're on a Caribbean island with a cocktail drink in your hand. Sometimes the sounds are very soft and peaceful, sometimes very intense and energetic. There are fragments of everything moving around at light velocity in your brain. This album makes me travel to other worlds, definitely. And when I stop listening to it, I am left with a very comfourtable, relaxed feeling.


I don't think this sounds much like goa, but whatever it is it's damn good. You should definitely give this album a go if you haven't.



Btw, perhaps this should have been in the reviews section? I wasn't sure

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Ubar Tmar's True album is one of the most brilliant and psychedelic masterpieces of the psy-trance genre. If you like that style you might want to try Quirk's Machina Electrica & Fornax Chemica. Then there's Ubar Tmar's 99 tracks album Macrometasomakosmos based on the golden mean. Great stuff.


Btw, there's a live recording based on True called Ubar Tmar Live at Autumnal Equinox.


Ubar Tmar is the most underrated artist of the psy-trance scene.

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i have had the pleasure of meeting the man in person ; )


then saw him play a live set with his laptop and two chaospads... :D:D


actually not :D , more like :o


check out anything u can find!


the autumnal equinox is just great! more parties like that please!!

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